Need help with gosund smart plug

I really dont know where to start or how to look.
how can i add this gosund plug to openhab2?

Thanks in advance

Most Wi-Fi smart home devices, by default are controlled through the vendor’s cloud service to lock you in to their system. If they decide to stop providing services, your device stops working. If they have an information leak, your user data is leaked.

People here that use Wi-Fi devices usually flash them with come alternative firmware. OpenHAB is focused on local control, where feasible.

I do not use smart home Wi-Fi devices. Sorry.

Looks like some Gosund devices can be flashed with Tasmota firmware, so that might be the case here. If you search for Tasmota in the community, you’ll find lots to read.

If it’s a Tuya device (rebranded as Gosund) then there are multiple ways of handling it. Same advice applies: search for Tuya and see what you find.

Good luck!

You might be lucky and Procedure to Flash without soldering is working for you.

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Here’s a good tutorial if they are Tuya devices.