NEEO Remote Binding/Transport

(Tim Roberts) #362

I won’t be able to try until thursday but until then do you also have a brightness channel? The light type requires a single slider that represents the brightness/dimmer of the light.

(Andreas Loibingdorfer) #363

No - just a Light Switch - its not dimmable - just Basic ON/OFF

(Tim Roberts) #364

If that’s the case - I’d use ACCESSORY (be sure to drop and readd after saving) and create a custom recipe that would turn if on (launch) and off (power off).

(Andreas Loibingdorfer) #365

But then I would need 2 Recipes, one to power on and one to power off? And I dont have a Powerstate on the Homescreen?

(B R) #366

So now what?

No more Neeo’s to be sold.

(Tim Roberts) #367

Keep an eye out - there are movements in the background regarding the source code…

(B R) #368

I’m honestly more concerned about the lack of hardware availability. The remote itself works as I would expect it to. I wanted to buy a second one to use on another floor and now that option is gone.

(Tim Roberts) #369

Yes - that’s my biggest worry as well (although I’m sure you could pick up the remotes cheaply right now!)

(Mark Herwege) #370

@tmrobert8 Tim, I know you can do little about the status of the Neeo software now, but you may have suggestions how to resolve the following. This is with the latest firmware on the Neeo.
I have my lights (some are simple switch, some are dimmers), exposed as lights to Neeo through the transport. The switches work as expected on both the app and remote.

For the dimmers:

  • Exposed through the transport as LIGHT - Slider, range 0-100
  • The dimmers are visible in the devices list on the app. However, in the LIGHT recipe for the room, I do not see them. I do see the switches. I can add the dimmers as shortcuts though.
  • Added as a WIDGET shortcut: visible and working on the app, not visible on the remote.
  • Added as a SLIDER shortcut: visible on the app and remote.
  • SLIDER shortcut on app: works fully as expected in both directions (OH to Neeo and Neeo to OH).
  • SLIDER shortcut on remote: works as expected from Neeo to OH. However, OH to Neeo does not update the slider position on the Neeo remote (it does on the app).

In summary, very inconsistent behavior. I knew there were updates for the sliders planned, and to be fair, it is better than with the previous firmware that often just crashed the thing. But it is far from what it should have been. I was waiting to test the new firmware to check if that solved the issues. I guess I am too late now.
Anyway, any suggestions? Thanks.

(Andreas Loibingdorfer) #371

have you been able to test light behaviour with hue?

(Andreas Loibingdorfer) #372

One more Thing. Maybe someone can guide me through how to add a Rollershutter to the Neeo? Just easy, 0 or 100%
Works on OH already, just unsure how to expose it to neeo.

(Tim Roberts) #373

Sorry folks - in NY now and don’t have local access. I’ll be back later this week and try out the light stuff (note that lights have a special UI on openhab with quite a few bugs. If I remember correct, they expect it to have a powerstate and a single dimmer named ‘brightness’ (or something to that effect). I know any more items (other dimmers or switches) screws up the UI. I’ll try when I get home however.

As for the roller shutter - you best bet it to make it an accessory with a switch (which should automatically map to 0/100 for you). Can’t make it a device that powers on/off without alot of work but you can add it as shortcuts to existing ones (or even map it to the hard buttons)

(Andreas Loibingdorfer) #374

tried the rollershutter basically the same as the light, but nothing happens when trying in neeo.
accessory as switch

(Andreas Loibingdorfer) #375

1 More Question. Would it be possible to show an Sensor on Neeo - for Instance current Temperature?

(Tim Roberts) #376

I did some playing around and have good news/bad news type of thing for lights.

For a LIGHT type - you need FOUR capabilities defined:

  1. On your ONOFFTYPE item - you need a “SWITCH” type set to POWERONOFF
  2. On your ONOFFTYPE item - you need a “POWER” type
  3. On your ONOFFTYPE item - you need a “SWITCH” type set to the label of “power”
  4. On your PERCENTTYPE item (for brightness) - you need a “SLIDER” type set to a label of “Dimmer”

Good news:

  1. #4 is not required - you can simply define the power stuff if you don’t have a dimmer and the power switch should show up by itself.

Bad news:

  1. I can’t for the life of me get the dimmer to show up in their UI. That generally means they hardcoded some names into the UI that I can’t seem to replicate. I’m guessing they hardcoded either the name or the sensor name and those are two things I can’t change (they are used internally in the plugin to help associate neeo stuff to openhab stuff). HOWEVER - you could still define the dimmer above and add it as a short cut (which works) - just won’t appear on the main screen
  2. The initial state of the power switch doesn’t seem to be set properly in the NEEO ui. If you change it (either via the remote or openhab or something else), it seems to sync and is good from that point. Just the initial state doesn’t seem to be set properly (bug in their UI)

(Tim Roberts) #377

Any time you do a power thing -you generally need to specify the POWERONOFF and the ‘POWER’ type for it to work.

(Tim Roberts) #378

Absolutely - just add it as a “Text Label” type (with the formatting you want shown). You can then add that text label as a shortcut to whatever device you want it show. The text label will get updated as values change (note that there is a small delay most of the time).

EDIT: when you specify the “Text Label” - there is a checkbox that appears. Checking that will show the label (that you enter) in the NEEO UI BEFORE the formatted value. Unchecking just shows the formatted value by itself.

(Andreas Loibingdorfer) #379

you mean for the “neeo type”? cant select power here like for the light. maybe because the thing type is rollershutter?

(Andreas Loibingdorfer) #380

Maybe can you post a Screenshot of this Configuration?

(Tim Roberts) #381

The neeo type on the individual channels (not the neeo type on the device)