Neo Coolcam Pir motion sensor

I am using openhab version 2.5 snapshot, which only shows the three other advanced settings, but not the Reinitialise the device entry. What is your openhab version? I remember, that the reinitialise feature has been removed some time ago.

I have a slightly different version of that sensor. I needed to turn off the daily heal on the controller. I then pulled & reinserted the battery on the sensor.
There is an issue where some battery powered zwave devices hang during the daily heal.

I use openHAB 2.5.0 Build #1650. And

108 x Active x 80 x x openHAB Add-ons :: Bundles :: ZWave Binding

In that case, you can execute the command through the rest API. Select things, [PUT][/things/{thingUID}/config], set thinguid (for example zwave:device:bf8beee4:node31) of the device and set the body: {“action_reinit”: true}

Thanks for your tip, but unfortunately still no motion event is sent. It looks like the NEO sensor doesn’t really work with openhab.

I have 3 of them working. Sometimes the daily network heal causes them to hang.Ypu then need to pull & re-insert the battery. If yor network is stable the daily heal can be turned of.
Sometimes, in order to be fully included into the network they need to be factory reset first.

Hard to believe. I’ve made at leat 5 times a factory reset followed by re-includeing the device and the battery contacts are worn out from removing the battery :grinning:, but no motion events are sent.
I’m running the latest 2.5 snapshot.

I have been running 2.5M3 for about the last week. Before that, I was on 2.5M2.
Perhaps something else is happening on your Z-Wave network. Have you followed the troubleshooting steps listed in the documentation?

Which troubleshooting steps do you mean? How do you define your things? With a .things file or via PaperUI? I’m using the PaperUI.

Ideally, ZWave is managed from HABmin although discovering Things in the Paper UI works too.

If you did not read and follow the official documentation, how do you know zwave is set up properly??

OK, you mean the official documentation. Of course, i’ve read these. I think that my zwave is set up properly, because all of my other 50 zwave Devices are working properly (also the motion sensor from Fibaro). The only Devices with problems are Neo Devices (2 out of 3 Window Sensors doesn’t work, 2 power sockets send wrong values for consumtion and power).
At the moment the Neo Motion Sensor is just used as a luminance and temperature Sensor and I think it’s gonna stay that way.
Thanks a lot for your help.
BTW: i’m using an Aeotec AEOEZW090-C Aeon Labs USB Stick on a raspberry pi 3+. What is your setup?

HUSBZB-01 stick on a RPI 3B+ with Stretch Raspian Lite. Only 1 of my sensors has temperature and I had to prematurely replace the battery on it.
I do not use the lumiinance. In the configuration, is the PIR sensor enabled? (Configuration parameter 4 should be set to 255)
What do the debug logs say? Is the xml file created by OH complete? It sometimes takes many wakeup sessions to get it fully discovered.

I had a same problem. (Rpi3+, OH2, M2, Neo PIR motion and Door/Windows open sensors).
I have upgraded to M4 version and restared the Pi and both Neo sensors work, so I mean the Open-Close and the Motion functions. (But no Lux and battery% values at PIR Motion sensor…).
I think the Neo Motion and Door/windows sensors are rubbish. I have bought to test them but I will forget both.
Xiaomi sensors with Conbee 2 stick are 10x better, easier to install, working stable.
(Except: The wall switch of Neo, it works well/stable and easy to install.)

I am not too impressed with my 3 Coolcam sensors either. If you are I. US or Canada the Zooz products appear good and they are supporting OpenHAB.

I live in Europe, so we use different z-wave frequency. I’m looking for cheaper z-wave tools but the Neo Coolcam sensors are bad direction…

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Agreed. And do not expect them to honour any warranty either.

I have to correct myself. The Neo Coolcam wall switch also not the best. I have thought that my Raspberry Pi smart home system is not enough fast and that is way is a delay, when I push the wall switch, 1-1,5s later will be switched the lamp, but it’s not correct. It is a serial problem/error of Neo wall switch as I have read on smartthings forum…
Somebody asked the Neo (the producer), and they said the delay can be 1-3s and it is normal…:flushed: what a f@ck???

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Hey Jeroen,

Does that mean you got it working ?
I have the same problem with 2 of these motion sensors. Temperature and Luminance report correctly but no motion events coming in. Also no _node_8.xml file generated, while there is one for the other devices.

Running 2.5

That means the device has not been fully discovered by OH. As stated previously, in my experience, sometimes you need to factory rest before including into the network.

Hi, today i’ve managed 2 Neo Coolcam PIR Sensor to work with OH 2.5 - firstly i’ve same issues as described, only temp was reported but all channels were listed. I did exclude, include, reset sensor to default - nothing helped. I was ready to throw them away, but also tried to use z-way-server (OH is running on RPi4 with RaZberry board) - so i removed one sensor from OH and tried to use it in Z-Way Server - sensor was found and all sensors (move, temp, luminance) was working like a charm! So I started to think that something is wrong with OH - did read forum again and found that someone was clicking inside button like crazy - I did the same thing:

  1. exclude sensor
  2. factory reset
  3. open events.log
  4. include sensor
  5. click button next to battery like crazy and watch log for zwave communication with your node.
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