Neo motion sensor problems

Hi guys,

Just added a Neo Motion Sensor to my zwave network, but I have some problems with the motion and lux sensors. When I activate the motionsensor with, for example, my hand, it sends a luminance update to my openhab controller (and no movement ON). Does anybody have the same problem or can anybody share his configuration parameters?


I just installed one of these Neo Coolcam motion sensors the other day.
Except that the inclusion of the product picked the wrong product, (This motion sensor does NOT contain a temperatur sensor, but the xml says it does), note to @chris
I have no other problems.

These are my config and associate settings:

Hope yours behave!

I don’t really know what the right product is so I can’t really comment on what this means. Please feel free to provide updates to the database if there is a problem.

It´s this one:
The picture shows Temperature Sensing. But reading the specs it´s not there. As you can see in the screenshot above from my channels, it shows an temperature channel. But this motionsensor do not have a temperature sensor. (for some reason, I guess thats because of the database), but the temperature is all time null.

This is the information for the device in Habmin:

I have no idea how to edit the database. Otherweise I would have.
There seem to be two motion PIR´s in the database, one with picture and one without. The above device id 0003:1083 is not the correct one. But it´s the one that Habmin finds.

Tnx for your quick reaction. I’ll update my parameters with yours, I’ll let you know the result.


Works like a charm with your configuration, thanks!

Great to hear!

Where might I obtain the XML file for this unit?
I just purchased the same thing a couple of days ago but it is NOT in my Local DB.

You should update to the latest version of the binding…

I did that yesterday by Uninstalling the ZWave Binding… then re-installed.
That is how it’s done, correct?

And that is: binding-zwave - 2.3.0

The latest is the 2.4 snapshot. This will have the latest database - as I’m not sure exactly what device you have, it’s hard to know exactly when it was added and if it is in 2.3 or not. Best is to use the latest 2.4 snapshot to be sure.

OK THanks… I’ll have to figure out how to get the latest snapshot :slight_smile:
This is on a Raspberry pi 3
Used the openhabian image from a couple of months ago.
Is there a quick, easy way to update this?

I’m not a super expert on the openhabian, but I think you can just change to using the unstable branch -:

Please do have a look at this post though as well as the latest binding does have some changes -:

I’d like to mark this as solved, Chris… but even after updating the ZWave Bundle to the latest (, My dumb Neo Coolcam Motion Detector is still showing “unknown device” waa-haaa :(:disappointed_relieved:
So, I’m back to wishin that I had an XML that I can use(alter) for my device… just to see if that works.

I’ve stolen my paycheck from my actual job today working on this… so, I’ll wait awhile or until tomorrow to look at this again.
Thanks for the pointers!!

PS I also noticed that the newer ZWave binding doesn’t give the ability to link a ZWave device to a Item or Sitemap entry like it used to

There is no real XML file that you seem to be looking for. The only XML file is the one that the binding creates to store data about the device, but this is not the database that I think you are looking for.

Is the device fully discovered? Does it need to be woken up to complete discovery? This is the most likely issue. Alternatively, you might have a version that is not in the database - does the properties list the device id and device type? If not, wake it up - if it does, then please provide these so we can update the database.

I don’t know what you are referring to here as the binding does not have an knowledge about items, and certain no impact on sitemaps. This is all done externally in the framework.

Sorry to be pain…
I deleted what was showing up…
Then set the device to be discoverable and ran search in PaperUI
It returned 2 Online but unknown devices on node 10 and node 11
Must be for Motion AND light sensing
I see this… no ID

zwave_class_basic BASIC_TYPE_ROUTING_SLAVE
zwave_frequent false
zwave_nodeid 10
zwave_version 0.0
zwave_listening false
zwave_routing true
zwave_beaming true
zwave_secure false

After doing a little bit of Googling, I found that these cheap Sensors don’t appear to contain/produce an ID.
But another source is showing the ID (possibly for this unit) as 0x1083.
Not sure how to proceed at this point…

That seems pretty unlikely I think - the device would not work with the binding if this is the case.

I suspect that you need to wake up the device as the device type/id/version is missing. Given that this is required, please wake the device so that it can be discovered.

Well, I thought I did that already since it was re-discovered after deleting it in Openhab…
I’ll give a little more time.
Maybe if I bounce it off the wall a few times it will wake up and talk about itself a little bit. haha
(I ordered another sensor that is in YOUR supported device list, just in case)

Is this your device?

Under Wakeup Information, it says to press the button once to wake it up, and the default wakeup interval is 12h. If you tail the log filtered on this device’s node (while the binding is in debug), you should see a wakeup appear in the log, which will help confirm that it is actually waking up.