NeoHub Binding Update

Heatmiser released a new NeoHub firmware in mid March 2020 in which they changed (broke) their JSON response format. I notified them about the error, but knowing them I doubt that they will revert it soon; so I also incorporated a work-around in my OpenHAB Neohub binding, which is included in OH build v2.5.4 or later snapshots.

Please file an issue

@rlkoshak I already made a fix, and a PR, which is included in v2.5.4 already; and this post is simply to inform the community.

Andrew - many thanks for the neohub code - it’s fantastic! Any idea how to format rooms with spaces in them? Or should we just remove the spaces from the rooms in NeoHub?

You can leave the spaces in the room names in the NeoHub. The binding internally converts spaces to underscores, so you don’t need to worry about it.

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Thanks Andrew - all working now - much appreciated - great binding!