Nest Binding Support for Hello Doorbell

Does anybody has the Nest Hello (door bell) in use and how does the support within Nest binding look like?

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I don’t use the Nest Hello with the Nest Binding. But it looks like it should show up as a camera.


Does anyone know how to use the doorbell ring event from the Nest Hello in the rules?



Seems that the api as of now does not offer this. Its supported as a pure camera.

That really sucks, the main reason a smart doorbell exists is to react to it being rang :frowning:

and the current push notification is that slow, you can’t rely on it at all.
Should have (and probably will) bought DoorBird.

react to it being rang

I still don’t own a Nest Hello. But if you also have it connected to your Google Home, in theory you could check changes on the appId or appName channels with the Chromecast Binding. The changes might be too short to get consistently noticed or it might use another mechanism all together. But it’s worth a try and better than nothing. :wink:

An alternative hardware solution. I have wired a relay in as well as my standard doorbell. That means when the Nest doorbell is rung it closes the relay contacts. I sense that as an input on one of my devices on my HA system and hence can get a zero delay doorbell rung trigger. You could wire one of the many ZWave contact sensors too for this.

There is a “professional” solution with HomeMatic to interface a doorbell, which I have ( HM-Sen-DB-PCB). Price about 25€.
The issue there is that I expect:

  • somebody rings
  • I get a push notificatin within 1s, with link I click and I am connected to the front came
  • I can speek with the visitor

The result is :

  • somebody rings
  • after 5-30s I get a push notification, no link or automatic connecting to front camera, have to open the app
  • the visitor is gone

The integration in openhab I see more that the habpanel schould automatically switch to the camera pane if somebody aproaches or rings the doorbell. That seems at the moment a little difficult too, because I even do not know how to bring the videostream to openhab (working on it).

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were you able to get the video stream to work with OpenHAB?

Tried and gave up for now. Working on different things, though thinking of getting an doorbird instead.

I don’t know if it’s relevant but here is a link to get a stream from the nest doorbell wich you can use in openhab

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Seems that Nest Hello finally has now its API:

The Nest binding 3.0.0, unfortunately, does not support yet:

The works with nest API is deprecated, but there is development for the new Google device access console: