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First I understand the OH community is not a fan of Nest Cams. I’ve been reading through the posts. I’ve been trying to add a Public Nest Cam to HABPanel using the frame widget. I keep on getting " refused to connect." however when past it in a browser page it seems to work. Secondly, Nest gives you an option for embedded code " " is this some I can use? (MYCAMERA=secret code)

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Openhab is vendor agnostic, we want all brands to work. It is a good time to do the sums of how much you will save by not paying a monthly fee and moving to a camera that has local control as you will find the cost of the camera will soon pay itself off and give better results.

When you enter the url into a browser what format is it? jpg ,mjpeg, or something else? Is it a static picture? What do you enter into the browser to see it?

@matt1 Thank you for your response. I understand your point. I have 3 Nest Cams and won’t buy them again. Googles price structure is 80 dollars, CAD, per year for unlimited cameras. The picture below is what I get when I drop the URL into the browser.



Ok it is probably a h264 stream using a javascript player embedded in that webpage. It may even need a browser addon that you need to install before that page will show the video. Not having any Nest cameras I am only guessing and to confirm you would need to save the html file and look at the source, or right hand click and select ‘view source’ in some browsers will show you.

As for how to display it, probably the easiest way would be to display the html page using this technique…

Display the whole webpage and then use CSS to hide the areas of the page you don’t want after you have it working.

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Thank you for your time @matt1. I’m not a great programmer, however, you have inspired me to dig into it. Thank you.