Netatmo + Openhab 3 + MQTT it doesn't work correctly

Hello everyone day!
You need to configure the data from the NetAtmo weather station to get into MQTT. I have configured the NetAtmo and OpenHAB bridge. And it works well, I get temperature and humidity data from all weather station modules in OpenHAB. Next, I need this data to get into my local MQTT server and for some reason I can’t do it.

  1. I’m setting up the MQTT channel

    2.Creating a link to Item

But the data never gets into the MQTT server

The data type in Item “Number:Temperature”, maybe that’s the problem?
I tried clearing the data through REGEX expressions but there is no result.

What can you suggest?

PS Google Translator

I looked at the logs and noticed that the temperature readings are transmitted with an additional letter B “changed from 23.799999237060547 В°C to 23.700000762939453 В°C”.
Probably this is the reason that the message does not get into the MQTT server. But how to clean it up?

Maybe someone will need it, this article helped: