Network Binding and Arping

I’ve had a search and not found an answer yet.

I have the latest stable release of Openhabian running on my Pi 2.

I installed the network binding and added a thing to monitor my main PC, I have a rule that turns the lights in my study on and off with my PC. This worked great. I am now trying to monitor my phone so I can use it as an extra Presence sensor. Unfortunately this kept dropping the connection whilst locked, I made sure the setting were correct on the Android system to keep WiFi connected but it made no difference.

I Installed Arping using : -

sudo apt-get install arping

If I run this command I get a response

arping -c 1 -I eth0

This is my network.cfg file.

This is my Things file entries.

//Main PC
network:pingdevice:zeus "Zeus" [ hostname="", retry=1, uses_arp_pings=0, timeout=5000, refreshInterval=30000 ]

network:pingdevice:fphone "Fraser Phone" [ hostname="", uses_dhcp_listen=1, uses_arp_pings=1, retry=10, timeout=5000, refreshInterval=60000 ]
network:pingdevice:vphone "Vickki Phone" [ hostname="", retry=1, timeout=5000, refreshInterval=60000 ]

In Paper UI the Phone properties are shown as.


So I tested it last night and my phone was picked up as always connected but now so is my main PC.

What I want is my main PC to be sent standard Pings so that OpenHAB can see when the PC goes to sleep and my phone to be sent Arpings so that OpenHAB can see that it is still there even when locked.

Am I missing something in my config to get this working that way?


I’m not positive about this, but I think if you use a servicedevice type for the PC and find some open port your PC listens to it will use ping instead of arping. I’m not positive about that though.

Current binding is not allowing to have different configurations per device, I think that would be a great enhancement.

I’m currently working on improving the binding by myself and looking for some testers, would be great if you can try it.
Network Binding Discussion

You need to raise a bug / functional update request for me to be able to incorporate that:

Issues reporting