Network Binding Reponse time adds 20ms to all pings

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3
    • OS: Openhabian 3.3.0
    • Java Runtime Environment: Raspbian 11.0.16 (undefined)
    • openHAB version: 3.3.0

All of my pings appear to have an extra 20mS added to them for no reason. My numbers from my command line are different than what is reported in the openhab network binding.

It appeared for no apparent reason after working properly for many months. My setup pings my router, my ISP, and google. All of the counts jumped by about 20 ms one day back on Nov 28 of 2022, and have stayed elevated since, even through power cycles. But, as described in this post, my cmd line pings are much lower than what is reported by openhab. My router ping times are usually sub-millisecond, but openhab reports around 20 ms. My ISP ping times are typically around 21 ms, but openhab reports around 40 ms. And I can ping google’s DNS at about 30 ms, but openhab reports around 50. Something is adding 20ms to all of my pings.


Can someone help figure out why this is happening and help me fix it?

If it is a fixed offset you could use a profile to correct that.
So what happened on Nov 28th ? Did you do a software update to OH 3.3.0 at that time ?

@Wolfgang_S : Literally nothing happened on Nov 28th. You can see from the graph that there was no interruption in the data as might happen with an upgrade or reboot. You can also see that the data did not suddenly jump up in a single step - there is overlap for almost 2 hours where the ping values were changing between the correct value and the incorrect value. I was actually watching TV at the time.

I can’t be certain that the added value is always exactly 20mS, and if I don’t know or eliminate the cause, then I can’t be certain that it won’t suddenly revert in the future and then I’d end up with negative ping values.

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