Network binding - speedtest

You can do it in the UI. I’ve done everything without any .items files in OH3.

Go to your item, add meta data, state description, and there is a value for pattern. Paste the given code and it should work.

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Thank you so much, this works perfectly! I feared that it’s wrong in the channel already, because the same format string was displayed for it. But changing the metadata indeed is enough!

Coming back here to ask, whether somebody has a current, working and fast speedtest server to share? The french one from the docu works fine, but the speed is very slow and doesn’t reflect my actual speed. The aforementioned tele2 server was quite good, but it’s been giving back a http 503 for over a week now :frowning:

this could help:

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I tried this one before, but Upload didn’t seem to work. Just tried it again, now it works, albeit slower than it should be. I’ll keep an eye on it, maybe it was just a glitch. Thanks!

I am having the same experience with the French one and also ovh gives me too low results compared to speedtest and reality. I tried with different files, but with the same result. I am on a SVDSL 185 connection, maybe someone with a different bandwidths is closer to reality with ovh or the french one. ovh is showing just around 125 with me. speedtest net was around 160-170.

The interesting thing is if you copy paste the configuration for into the browser, it works and the file will download. Maybe a minimal change has happened. Is there someone who could have a look into the binding configuration?

For me is the Server working but only for download. After the failed upload attempt the thing goes offline.
So i think it is a problem with the upload process.

Yeah, the ovh results vary greatly. My ISP has issues, but not this bad :wink:

@dirkdirk is right though, tele2 only fails for the upload. Sadly it seems you can’t disable the Upload part. I tried setting upload size to 0 but, it’s not accepted.

The servers for the Speedtest stopped working… anybody has a working server?

I would consider to move to the speedtest binding instead:

Thank you, I changed to this binding and now everthing is working fine again.