New 2.x MQTT Home Assistant available topic not working?


i’m configuring an alarm panel with MQTT Home Assistant format in Openhab (new MQTT Binding).

Autodiscovery working but availability_topic not; if i define the availability_topic and send an offline message, the thing not goes offline.

I’m wrong something ?

No you are not doing anything wrong. But nobody has used this Thing yet.

I have developed this binding, but I always considered the HA discovery part as experimental as I have never tested it in real live. Please report your findings as a github Issue so that it can be fixed.

Try to be detailed with your setup, what you have clicked and discovered etc.

This will be of no immediate use to you I have to admit but allows this to work for everybody who is using openHAB on its next 2.5 release.

Cheers, David

I’m reading the code on github… Infact no manage of availability, even the payload is defined as var.

I know that nobody use it, but i wrote a node app for risco alarm integration and going to adapt it for this binding; would be very useful because i can write once the mqtt structure and the app can push messages both Homeassistant and Openhab and both can discovery the things associates to the alarm panel.

I’ll open an issue on the repo, i think this binding have greats benefits for the users.


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Check it… write if needs further informations about it.

I’m not so good in Java to fix myself and pull on repo. :frowning: