New Aeotec 3-in-1 Door/Window Sensor

Just released. The new switch has a

magnetic contact, dry contact relay, and a tilt sensor. 40% smaller than previous generation at only 2.8”x0.75”x0.7” (main body) Best battery life, optimised to use up to 66% less battery power to communicate than previous generations. 3 year+ battery life powered by 1 x 1/2 AA battery

Amazon - Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7, Z-Wave Plus S2 Smart Start, 3-in-1 with Dry Contact & Tilt sensors, 3 Year Battery Life, White

Are you volunteering to buy one and add it to the zwave device database?

Ha no, I am not that smart! Just sharing news since Aeotec makes a lot of Z-Wave products people use here. I am just a novice user.

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I think I am just graduating from newbie to novice, but I have added to the zwave database and just last night tested my first entry released in a snapshot.
I usually use cheaper Chinese stuff, so far.

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I have a previous version of the Aeotec door/window sensor. It is the Gen 5 model. I skipped on Aeotec in my motion sensor roundup thread because a number of users reported less then excellent results from the Aeotec Multisensor 6 and also the previous gen as well… and they are not cheap. I none the less, wanted to try a product from Aeotec and needed a door sensor and purchased the above named model. I am pleased with how it works and it is down at the bottom of a stairwell where other door sensors had occasionally dropped off the network. It was also only $30
It seems to me battery life is good with door/window sensors because they only need to transmit when the door opens where as motion sensors fire much more often. Powered by two AAA batteries it is at least 6 or 8 months old running the batteries that came in it and still reporting 92% battery level.
Literature for my sensor claims one year battery life average. This new sensor claims 3 years powered by the same two AAA batteries. some impressive optimization must have be done.

I have 6 of these and installed them using the battery method for the first year. Yes, they last about 6 - 8 months and the reporting time with batteries wasn’t fast enough for me (1 hour) because I use the sensors on them to trigger lots of things (dehumidifier for humidity; lights (in/out side) for luminance, temperature for AC/Heat, etc.). After a year; I decided I needed them to report every 5 minutes so I decided to cut them over to AC power and here’s what I did with pictures.

It’s not perfect looking but good enough based on what I have to work with.

I am interested in this new Aeotec 3-in-1 Door sensor that came out recently for my doors.

Best, Jay

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The ability to run the sensor from mains power was enticing and I wish more manufacturers had this option.
In my case, I was interested in using motion sensors to trigger lighting. Some work better for this then others because some have an almost immediate reset and detect motion almost immediately after the last motion while others have a ‘cool down period’ where they don’t report motion again for several minutes

I actually don’t use the motion feature on the Multi-Sensor 6 (isn’t fast/accurate enough for me). I use the HUE Motion Sensors instead which also runs on batteries and they last up to 2 years.

Best, Jay

I actually use the Hue motion sensors as well. I am not getting anywhere near 2 years battery life with them but I might have tweaked the reporting time. I get 3-4 months. This doesn’t bother me however for several reasons. First, AAA batteries are pretty dog gone cheap, who cares. Secondly, the Hue motion sensors report light level in near real time. I like this and actually have one set up pointing straight out my kitchen window (on the third floor) so don’t use it for motion. It is what I use to sense outdoor ambient light level and my lighting in my flat dims and brightens based on how much outdoor light there is. The Hue sensor reports quickly enough that if the sun passes behind a cloud, the lights get bright. Few seconds later, sun comes out from behind the cloud and the lights dim. It is cool!
Overall I am very pleased with all my Hue products and amazed they work so well considering they use zigbee.

I actually use the Aeotec MulitSensor 6 for outdoor light sensing; it’s pointing out my front upper window where the sunsets so I can turn on my outside lights based on Luminance.

Seems we have similar setups; just using the 2 different devices differently.

LMK, if you ever need some code examples. I have 17k lines of code written in rules now that I’m 13 months into OH. I’m a bit obsessive with automation . . .

Best, Jay

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