New binding in Add-on Marketplace

Hi all

I created a post with a new binding in the Add-on Marketplace. (SmartMeterOSGP Binding)
But when I search for the binding in my local OpenHAB 3.3.0 installation it is not showing up.

Are the bindings in the Add-on Marketplace approved before they show up or do I need to do something else ?


Remember to add the proper tags:

  • one tag denoting the type of the add-on is required: use one of binding, automation, io, > > persistence, transformation, ui
  • published is necessary if you want users to see your entry in the UI. If you want to draft it before publishing, don’t add the tag now and use the “Show Unpublished Entries” option in Settings > Community Marketplace to see it anyway in the UI until you’re ready to add it.
  • self-assess the maturity level of your add-on with one of the alpha, beta, stable, mature tags
  • you can package your add-on as a JAR or KAR file. In the former case, provide a direct link to the binary ending in .jar. In the latter case, provide a direct link to a binary ending in .kar, and add the kar tag (mandatory). Don’t name any Karaf feature “openhab-something”, as the “openhab” prefix is reserved for the distribution features and have special behavior.

Note the second bullet in the help text when you are creating the topic: you have to add the published tag if you want everyone to see it or you can go to your own marketplace settings (System settings → Community Marketplace) and turn on the Show Unpublished Entries option if you want to test it yourself and not add the published tag yet.

You have to tag it as published or activate unpublished addons in MainUI Marketplace settings.
Otherwise it will not show up.