New Binding : Mycroft


I made a Mycroft binding. It’s the opposite of the Mycroft skill that some of you may know : this binding allows OpenHAB to control Mycroft and react to event from it.
The code (work in progress) is here with the documentation. I’m not a native english speaker, so pull requests for correcting the documentation are “very welcome”.

Key features :

  • Wake Mycroft from OpenHAB without using a wake word.
  • Simulate a voice command to launch a skill, as if you just spoke it
  • Send some text that Mycroft will say (Using its Text To Speach service)
  • Control the music player
  • Control the sound volume of Mycroft (work in progress, as I run into some issue on Mycroft side)
  • React to all the aforementioned events in OpenHAB (because channels are all bidirectionnal)

I already made in this binding all the functionality I would like to have, but I’m open to feature request if it of interest to other.

It’s my first binding, so I’m not completely sure about the choice I made.
I think I could have made some channels as trigger channel ?
And maybe provide some Action instead of putting everything in channel ?
I’d like to hear some advice from experienced user.

I made one release for the 3.0 branch (Release Mycroft binding BETA1 (3.0.2) · dalgwen/openhab-addons · GitHub)

I will make a pull request in one or two weeks (if of course I don’t have negative feedback)
EDIT : pull request done

EDIT : Release for 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT