New Gree Air Conditioner Binding

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It would be nice! I think more and more people have similar network setup at home.

You can also think about that for Shelly binding :slight_smile:
Of course without high priority as I assume you are very busy.

The Shelly DEV build already has this feature

Latest DEV build: 2.5.10 - 3.0.0 - README - Installation - Firmware Index - Firmware Archive - API Doc

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Thank you Markus for the great work!

I previously used the original binding and installed 2.5.10 from the add-ons menu (seems there are newer releases available, too). I use my Gree at my cottage and use the 8C function over the winter and longer periods of time I’m not there actively.

I wrote quite a while ago, before you took the responsibility over the binding:

However, the model I have GWH09QB-K6DNB8 that has 8°C heating function and I’m wondering how to figure out the command/channel of it to toggle function on/off using Openhab. The Gree Android app has it.


Seems that this “opt”:“StHt”,“p”:“1.0” turns 8C heating option on and this off: “opt”:“StHt”,“p”:“0.0”

Is it possible to add the 8°C function to the app so there would be no need to use the Gree app to do anything at all?

What is the “8C heating option”?
Why can’t you just set the temp to 8C together with unit on/off?

It’s an in built feature to maintain 8°C so that nothing freezes.

I think it’s better that the air conditioner is used for that as if OH goes bonkers due to power outage SSD corruption etc., the appliance can still work on its own and not heating the premises to min 16C or not at all.

Here is a screenshot from the Gree app

ok, please create an Issue on GitHub with the prefix [gree] in the title

fyi: On 12/5 we’ll have a Virtual Teamup

The following topics will be presented:

  • The Past, the Present and the Future
  • A Tour of the New openHAB 3 UI
  • openHABian Update
  • Bayesian Presence Detection
  • Innovative input devices for openHAB

More details: openHAB Virtual Meetup December 5th (Updated)


I created an issue as you requested :slight_smile:

@antonmies ok, I started working on this, please try the updated DEV build (for 2.5.x and 3.x)
Note: version of the jar has changed, make sure to delete the old one

A new channel safetyheat has been added, change to ON sends “opt”:“StHt”,“p”:“1.0”. However, with my unit I see that the command vector is send (now shown in the log), the next update is received, but the value in the status array still stays 0 (15th value). Please try with your unit, maybe it’s not supported by all units (e.g. mine also doesn’t report currentTemperature).

Latest DEV Builds/SNAPSHOTs: 2.5.12 - 3.1.0 - README

@markus7017 sorry for the delay!

I just installed the new version and can confirm that the safety / 8C heating function works!

Thank you so much!!

@markus7017 I wrote description about the binding behavior vs Gree APP behavior to the GitHub issue.

Sorry for the long delay, but I‘m still working on a Shelly PR. Hopefully I‘ll be done by end of the weekend then I‘ll have a look

Can some one help with setting up temperature? how can i do that. When i click оn target temperature OH show graph, and i didn’t see any buttons to set number with temperature.

Wow… I cant believe how far this Binding has come :slight_smile: Makes me wish I still had a Gree Airconditioner :slight_smile: