New Gree Air Conditioner Binding

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(Knackrack) #61

Am i missing something here? the link points to a .zip archive on google drive rather than a .jar

Are we supposed to compile this ourselves? Sorry, kinda new to OH

(Mihai Badea) #62

I updated the link to the 2.4 version in post #55 and here it is one more time org.openhab.binding.greeair-2.4.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
Thanks for pointing that out!
My bad :blush:

(Adam Gem) #63

I’ve just realized that the binding get out of sync when the a/c is controlled by the remote controller. It seems that the official app got refreshed(in a few seconds). Is this an issue on my side or a “missing feature”?

(Mihai Badea) #64

What versionf of the binding are you using?
Could you provide some logs?

(Adam Gem) #65

I did not see any special log entries, however I did not trace yet. Can you confirm this behaviour is unexpected? The a/c is set to 26, shown on my ui, than I set it to 27 via remote controller and ui remains 26. Same with on/off.

If it seems to be an issue I can check and provide trace log.

I am on OH 2.2 and the gree binding is 2.2 too.

(Mihai Badea) #66

With 2.2 I noticed the same problems - see my post #41.
However, the 2.4 version compiled by me is working flawless.
I’m not sure if you can use version 2.4 of the binding with OH 2.2, but you can give it a try…

(Adam Gem) #67

Thank you, I’ve just installed the 2.4 and it works perfectly! No issues with OH2.2 so far.

(Attila Gancsos) #68

Hi All,
I am just configured and everything works fine. What I found there is no option for horizontal swing, only just vertical, and i have a quiet option for the fun speed as well.
Is it a big challenge to develop it?
I have a new version of Amber. It has these functions.
Thank you!

(Mihai Badea) #69

Can you enable logging of the binding and post the reply given by the AC unit?
Mine doesn’t have horizontal swing control…
Might be doable…

(Pavel Usenko) #70

As I see, we have only control Gree, without feedback? So if I, for example, switch fan speed by IR remote control, will it change in openhab?

(John Cunha) #71

I’ve been thining about this…

The binding does a refresh every x seconds (configurable). At that time it queries the aircondirioner for it’s status.

If between queries the remote changes the status, it will not be updated until the next refresh…


(John Cunha) #72

The binding queries the aircon for status every x seconds.

So, yes, changes by the remote are reflected in openhab :slight_smile:

(Mihai Badea) #73

But you’ll need to use the 2.4 version for that.

(Adam Gem) #74

I just started to add some swing related ui components to my floorplan when I found a strange behaviour:
When I use my remote controller to set the swing I can see the following values set on the swing item:
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 11
After the value 11 it sets to 0, which is the none. 1 is the full, 2-6 fixed angle, 7&9&11 some subset of the 5 stages.

The problem comes in when I try to set these values from the openhab. 0-6 it works perfectly, but nothing happens with value 7, 9 and 11.

Any ideas?

Update: - SetDeviceSwingVertical
// Only allow this to happen if this device has been bound and values are valid
// Only values 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,10,11 allowed

Ok, it turned out that not even the remote controller is working fine :smiley: (maybe it is not the proper remote for this model) Value 7, 9 and 11 is doing exactly the same which is the full mode… Anyway, for any changes in any future model it would make sense to make this sequence configurable imo.

(Pavel Usenko) #75

It`s really woks! Model Gree is GWH12YD-S6DBA2A.

(Funcarver72) #76

I have 2 Airconditioners from sales brand TOSOT, which are manufactured by GREE.
With a Wifi interface, I could make them work in openHAB 2.2 together with
the latest gree-binding 2.4.0. Thanks alot for making this available.

I could only make the binding work using the web interface for the thing configuration.
There, I could set the device-IP and the broadcast IP.

In a manual configuration of the thing, I was not able to set the broadcast IP and the thing
and corresponding items were not working.
What is the syntax of thing config including broadcast IP ?

How do I initialize the items of the binding, that all of them pull their current value from the device rather than stay “uninitialized” ?


(svicar) #77

Helo John
Nice work.
I plan to buy two cooper&hunter air contitioners with wifi included (the manufactor is Gree)
I will mounted air conditiners to a house with no wifi.
I like that the air conditioners turn on every tuesday at 8:00AM. I will turn it off manualy on tuesday evening.
Other days the air conditioners will be off…only tuesday.
There is a problem how to do this. With genuine remote this week timer is not possible.
I think if I will use microcontroler like ESP8266 or ESP32 which will have time and will send via wifi the turn on comands. There is also option via ir, but via wifi will be beter.
What do you think?
Can I help somehow with your code?
Thank you
Best regards

(Anton Murola) #78

Hello John!
I installed the binding and it works well!

However, the model I have GWH09QB-K6DNB8 that has 8°C heating function and I’m wondering how to figure out the command/channel of it to toggle function on/off using Openhab. The Gree Android app has it.

And, is there a way to access the unit to set-up a static IP? Now I have made it “static” with the IP reserve function in DHCP setup.

(Anton Murola) #79

I noticed a thread about “this” on GitHub and got some valuable info.

Seems that this “opt”:“StHt”,“p”:“1.0” turns 8C heating option on and this off: “opt”:“StHt”,“p”:“0.0”

What files I need to edit to make it work? Anyone?

(Gergely Egervary) #80

Hi guys! A big thanks for your great work. This binding works good for me, but let me ask…
Is device connection/disconnection handled? If the wireless connection fails the connection status shows “ONLINE” forever. If I connect a previously disconnected device it stays “OFFLINE” until I reload the things. Thanks!