New Habpanel look: Plump

I have been making my own Habpanel look and calling it Plump as it will make all your widgets become well rounded. Whilst not finished yet, it may be of interest to others and hopefully people with more skills can help improve it. Needs a little work mainly to improve the size of text and other issues on different sized screens like Mobile vs tablet, but on 16x9 screens it is looking great here. Please post a picture of what yours looks like.

I am aiming for a simple to install theme by using a single CSS file, then you choose your own background picture to suit the season. The CSS is easy to edit and if you prefer white over a dark colour, it is very easy to change it. The line you will want to edit is --box-bg: rgb(32, 33, 37, 0.5); and the 0.5 is how transparent the widgets are and the first three are standard HTML colour codes.

To try it just place the CSS file and any background picture you like into its own folder at this location.
/etc/openhab2/html/themes. If you don’t like the look just remove the link and all your widets go back to their normal look. The html folder becomes the path ‘static’, the example should hopefully make it clearer if your new to this.

Download the CSS files here:
plump-dark.css (3.2 KB)
plump-white-on.css (3.5 KB)

Go into Habpanels setup and tell it which css file you wish to use, for example: /static/themes/plump-dark.css

Your widgets then look like this with the background picture being able to be seen through the widget.


If you do not like the see through look you can also do this…




Wow. Looks nice ! I’m gonna try it.

Love to see some pics once you have it all looking nice. I uploaded a new widget and some photos in another thread.

i have almost finished to adapt your widget to my needs :wink: just one question: how can i remove transaprency from active/inactive buttons? i want solid white or solid black when button are ON or OFF…


Edit the colours in the css file. Look at rgba() and transparency is the last of the four numbers, you want a value of one.

got it! perfect! thanks a lot and again, you did a great job!

hi,great work,how can i give the glowing blue effect on a widget?What to edit in the css?I am a noob editing css files.Thanx

Use this widget.

thnx,got it.

any idea how to find class item for the icons that appear in the dashboard’s at the main habpanel’s screen?They appear to faded/transparent and i want to change that.

You can right hand click in a browser and select ‘view source’ or use ‘developer tools’ in Chrome or Edge.
Once you learn how to do that it opens up a lot of tweaking.

thnx for you re answer,i use that many times to tweak and learn but these icons i cant find how to make them less dimmed/transparent