New Infrastructure Status Page


Whenever one of our servers goes down (be it or, people start asking on Twitter and other channels if it is just down for them or for all.
To more quickly answer such questions, we have now set up a status page where you can easily check the availability at any time yourself:

This is how it looks like:

You will find information and statistics about downtimes on that page and we will also announce scheduled maintenance on it. Also be sure that we are notified automatically about any incident and we are doing our best to bring the servers back up again in such situations asap - no need to ping us.

We saw a few downtimes of the forum in the past days, for which we apologize. It seems that our server is simply at its limit with the increasing traffic of the past weeks. The board of the openHAB Foundation just decided to upgrade the hardware tomorrow morning, which will hopefully bring it back to full stability.



Ummm…what if the status monitoring page is down…? :wink:


Then you are again allowed to ask on Twitter :innocent:

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Ok - but seriously - that link is dead - the status page is currently down.

Then you seem to have missed to follow the other link:

Or maybe, if the domain is new the DNS records are not yet updated for everyone (although it shouldn’t be cached as something else since it’s new). Oh well.

Very odd…

It seems to fail loading the frame content in your case - the page itself is actually loaded (as you can see by the title on the tab). You should bookmark this link instead then:

Thanks Kai - perhaps it is a brower issue. That second link works, although I get a TLS cert error. No worries, great to have this and congrats on the v2 release!!

Is there a simple way to integrate the status in my sitemap?

I think with http-binding and regex there could be a way?

Or better way: If myopenhab can send a push notification, i don´t have to poll the status page all the time and i would get real time information. But his is only working for the forum-status, not for myopenhab-status… No myopenhab --> no push notification…


That would be cool, myopenhab sending a notification “I’m down”:sunglasses:


In the forums there is mention of myopenhab is not working as it should, yet the status page says: operational… Does it mean that all the problems are soved or is their no status for: “server is alive, but service only working intermittently”?


@Kai informed about this two days ago in one of the myopenhab down topics and referenced this post:

As you can see in the Past Events there are ongoing issues with it.
Our automatic website monitoring identified an issue with myopenHAB Cloud Service.
This appears at nearly every day in the past events.

I think or could imagine that the operational is a live status and doesn’t show a specific timespan.

Just to leave some positive news here: I am pretty proud that our infrastructure seems to be running pretty stable by now (most kudos go to @digitaldan!) - I have just checked the statistics of the past 4 weeks and they look amazing:




Is it possible to add the time here?

Maybe UTC (better than CET !!)

Thanks a lot!


Not possible, sorry.

Aha, ok, a great pity!


Is there an API call or URL to fetch the state of the cloud service only ? So one could integrate that in own monitoring and alarming ?
Fetching the whole page and parsing the required state is either convenient nor has it good performance.


It really is a pity that the date-stamp cannot also show the time. Just showing the date alone is too coarse and can produce conflicting information.


  • My current time is 8:28 AM EST and the date is January 25.
  • On January 25, the monitoring system detected a problem with the Demo Server.
  • However, the status of the Demo Server is “Operational”.

Naturally, one must assume the problem was detected earlier than 8:28 AM EST and has already been resolved. One must assume this because the information presented contradicts itself (problem detected but system is operational).


@Kai @digitaldan

“Returns public status not available “

As always thanks for all the great work - this project adds value to my family’s daily experience