New Jasco ZWave Smart Dimmer Work around

I have a bunch of Jasco Zwave switches which work great. I recently bought a new one with quick fit (zw4009). Its not in the Zwave DB but is essentially the same thing as one of my existing switches. Since its not in the DB it won’t work since openhab doesn’t know what it is. Is there any way I can trick openhab into treating it like it has the device definition (based on a similar older jasco switch) so it will work in the meantime while I await an update to the zwave binding that includes this device?

Please post the xml created by the device in the zwave folder in userdata, A pdf copy of the manual would be useful too in building the database entry.
Each model has many device ids & types depending on the world region. the xml file generated by OH gives us the information reported by your device.

Many times new firmware adds more features & configuration parameters.

No problem. Attached. network_e927afca__node_21.xml (10.9 KB)

Thank you. I was able to find a manual and additional information online.

OK, I added the database entry but there is an error somebody else needs to look at . The database is usually exported once a week and then a snapshot build of the binding will pick up the changes.

Here is how to modify your binding while you wait.

Modify a zwave binding jar to add/change a zwave device while waiting for a build - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

The xml file you need should be here.

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Incidentally, Zooz and have great support and help us get their devices supported in openHAB.

step 2 of the link you sent requires a l/p to api.bintray, are those instructions no longer valid? also, there is no existing zwave jar in my addons folder so if I do this is it going to remove my ability to update/upgrade using the command line in the future? I’m no expert at this and I definitely do not follow all those steps in that link

Perhaps @5iver needs to update the instructions.

Which instructions?

Lookup 4 posts. Adding xml to a binding jar file.

What is wrong with them?

I just updated the link… which was pre 2.5.

I think the link was the issue. @dhog12 mentioned a bintray issue. and I figured you could spot the issue quicker than I could.

Where I got confused was the link sent me to a post from 2018 on how to install a jar. Given that you just updated the jar file I figured the instructions might be about right but the jar link was no longer valid so I started searching for the latest list and came upon But when I click a link there to download you have to login. It didn’t occur to me you edited the original post to put in the latest link and I could just follow that.

That said, if I want to wait until the snapshot build would I then just wait say a week or so and then follow the instructions to get the latest snapshot build? How would I know when it makes it in, since the current version is 2.5.4 on that page and the latest jar is 2.5.4. Is there some sign that would indicate its been incorporated?

Sorry, one other thing. I also have the attached device which isn’t working. It is the same as earlier except this one is a dimmer vs just a switch.network_e927afca__node_20.xml (1.9 KB)

We have (5iver has) a script for that :smiley:
Zigbee and Z-Wave manual install script - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

I will try to look later today,

I followed the instructions for the zzManualInstaller script and am stuck again. When I execute bash --ACTION zwave --ZWAVE_VERSION snapshot
I get an invalid argument message. Accepted values: development, master. Yet --help says snapshot, development are acceptable values. The link posted above to the updated file is a snapshot version so that appears to be what I need.


I haven’t tested using arguments with the script for a while. Just run it without arguments and use the menus.

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OK. Did that, went through the prompts and it exited on its own saying "It has taken more than two minutes to uninstall the Z-Wave binding, so exiting.

This means that the REST API never reported the binding as installed. Most often, this is due to entering the wrong password for the openhab account (default is habopen), What do you see in the openhab.log?

Have you thought of just updating to 2.5.4? It was just released today and will have the latest zwave binding.

Well that was much easier. Ran update and upgrade then did dpkg --list |grep openhab2 which returned 2.5.4-1. However, the node is still showing up as ‘unknown device’ and is not responding to commands.