New logo for openHAB

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(Kai Kreuzer) #42

No license, only to be used by official openHAB parts for now (e.g. every project under For community re-use, see my very first comment above - that’s still to be worked out.

(Hans-Jörg Merk) #43

Kudos to @digitaldan, not me. He has done the work…

(Steve) #44

I don’t normally like logo changes, but I’m actually pleasantly pleased by this! Updated, modernised, but not such a dramatic change that it’s no longer recognisable. I’d still instantly know that it’s openHab, even if all I saw was the logo without the text.

(Mueller Ma) #45

Can someone with graphic skills use the svg in the first post here to re-create the following picture in 1024x500 px in PNG with 24bit?

(Mark abx) #46

(jmccoy555) #47

Any progress on this? I’m putting together a preconfigured PiServer image for netbooting a HABpanel kiosk (intending to post a link / set up script on here) and would really like an openHAB / HABpanel boot screen!!


(Gad Ofir) #48

Very cool :slight_smile:

(Miki) #50

Looks great on my work desk :slight_smile:

(Mueller Ma) #51

Awesome! I guess you printed them yourself?

(Miki) #52

Correct. I used the design from thingiverse, and modified the stl, and I printed away :smiley:

(B K) #53

@Kai - has there been any progress on the licensing for community reuse of the logo?

Similarly, are there any plans to use the logo in some promotional products available for the community to purchase? I saw the shirts that were made for last year’s smart home day and would gladly pay to have one and help promote openHAB wherever I go :slight_smile: - Merchandise in general might help provide some additional funding for the project upkeep? I’m sure the interest is there…

openHAB subreddit locked?
(Rich Koshak) #54

I for one would love to replace that half eaten fruit sticker on the back of my car with something I actually use and support (my wife was an Apple fan until recently). :wink:

(Lucky) #55

Are we allowed to use it? I mean I just wanna print my own iron-on and wear it at work :slight_smile:

(Belgadon) #57

The Android Q Logo reminded me of something…

(Jake Santiago) #58

Yes! This looks so pale and out of theme from the previous logos and color themes that Google has been releasing in their Android Eco-system (found something similar on FinancePolice). However, I think they would improve the logo as this is just the beta stuff.

(Branden Smale) #59

I think the point was it looks very similar to ours…:smile: