New logo for openHAB

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(Kai Kreuzer) #42

No license, only to be used by official openHAB parts for now (e.g. every project under For community re-use, see my very first comment above - that’s still to be worked out.

(Hans-Jörg Merk) #43

Kudos to @digitaldan, not me. He has done the work…

(Steve) #44

I don’t normally like logo changes, but I’m actually pleasantly pleased by this! Updated, modernised, but not such a dramatic change that it’s no longer recognisable. I’d still instantly know that it’s openHab, even if all I saw was the logo without the text.

(Mueller Ma) #45

Can someone with graphic skills use the svg in the first post here to re-create the following picture in 1024x500 px in PNG with 24bit?

(Mark abx) #46

(jmccoy555) #47

Any progress on this? I’m putting together a preconfigured PiServer image for netbooting a HABpanel kiosk (intending to post a link / set up script on here) and would really like an openHAB / HABpanel boot screen!!


(Gad Ofir) #48

Very cool :slight_smile:

(Miki) #50

Looks great on my work desk :slight_smile:

(Mueller Ma) #51

Awesome! I guess you printed them yourself?

(Miki) #52

Correct. I used the design from thingiverse, and modified the stl, and I printed away :smiley: