New Netatmo binding (starting OH 3.3 M5)

Since openHAB 3.3 Milestone 5, the official distribution includes a revamped version of the Netatmo binding. This new version is not backward compatible with the old one and you will have to setup again all your Netatmo things and channel links. All features present in the old version are still there in the new version. This new version comes with a fixed support of thermostat for example but also with new Netatmo devices supported. Being no more dependent on another project for Netatmo specific stuff, it will be possible to update it quickly in the future as soon as the Netatmo API evolves.

This topic is to discuss possible difficulties encountered by any user of this new version of the binding.

@glhopital is the code author.


I have mentiioned that also in openHAB 3.3 Milestone discussion:

Upgraded to M5 today and just noticed that some rain channels are no longer present in the revised Netatmo binding:

This has been changed in the latest 3.3 documentation:

Question: Does Netatmo no longer support these 2 channels in the API or was this just a change in the binding?

Because in the Doc there is still a configuration example that is no longer working with the current version:

If Netatmo has removed this from the API, I need to find another solution with persistence. Otherwise can we have back these channels?


Support has not been removed but pre-wired channels of former binding has.
You’ve got to create your channels on the rain sensor (Add Channel), and you’ve got more choices than before :

But of course, the example in the documentation (configuration form file) should work. To be fixed, if needed.

@glhopital : it would be nice if you could test with the precise example provided in the documentation

We can probably mention for everybody some merged fixes not yet present in 3.3 M5:

They will be available in next snapshots and of course in 3.3M6 and final 3.3.

Hi there,

I just updated to openHAB 3.3.0.M5 and created new things for my netatmo weather station and linked the channels to my old items. The old things are in the state “unintialized”. When I try to delete them the become the state “removing” but the can not be removed. In the log I see the following warning:

2022-05-08 14:24:35.497 [WARN ] [l.providers.NetatmoThingTypeProvider] - Unable to define ModuleType for thingType NAModule2 : null

I tried to reinstall the binding and also restarting of openhab is not able to delete the old things.

perhaps someone knows what to do.

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Found out, that if I delete it twice, I got the message to force deletion. Now the old things are gone.

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The example in the documentation works, at least for the rain module.

Here’s my working .things file:

Bridge netatmo:account:home                      "Netatmo Account"        [clientId="", clientSecret="", username = "", password = ""] {
  Bridge  weather-station    indoor              "Netatmo Indoor Module"  [id="70:ee:aa:bb:cc:dd"] {
    outdoor                  outdoor             "Netatmo Outdoor Module" [id="02:00:aa:bb:cc:dd"]
    rain                     rain                "Netatmo Rain Module"    [id="05:00:aa:bb:cc:dd"] {
        Type sum_rain-measurement: rainThisWeek  "Rain This Week"         [period="1week"]
        Type sum_rain-measurement: rainThisMonth "Rain This Month"        [period="1month"]

The final “:” In “sum_rain-measurement:” looks a little strange to me. No?

The new documentation can be found at

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OK, thanks. Got it :slight_smile:

When working in the UI, we need to add these channels manually (if needed) and for text configuration, Rob Nielsen’s example works (which is also mentioned in the documentation as a configuration example).

All good and thanks for updated Binding!

I have the same problem - you need to force OH to remove the things.
However, OH 3.3.0M5 doesn’t detect Netatmo automatically anymore.

I removed and re-installed the binding, but the Main Weather Station is not found automatically anymore.

I this expected? Do I have to add the Main Module manually?

Only the Account you need to add manually. Everything else should work with scan/auto discovery. Is your Account-Thing online?

perhaps this is interesting. I got a disconnection after a few hours of operation and these error messages. In my things overview everything looks fine and online. Just wondered today morning, that we have 18°C and my iPhone told me that we have 11°C in netatmo app :smiley:

2022-05-08 21:36:08.443 [WARN ] [tatmo.internal.api.AuthenticationApi] - Unable to refresh access token : null
2022-05-08 21:36:47.446 [WARN ] [al.handler.capability.HomeCapability] - Error gettting Home informations : Rest call failed: statusCode=ACCESS_TOKEN_MISSING, message=Access token is missing
2022-05-08 21:39:47.589 [WARN ] [al.handler.capability.HomeCapability] - Error gettting Home informations : Rest call failed: statusCode=ACCESS_TOKEN_MISSING, message=Access token is missing
2022-05-08 21:42:17.693 [WARN ] [handler.capability.WeatherCapability] - Error retrieving weather data '70:ee:50:5f:4c:cc' : Rest call failed: statusCode=ACCESS_TOKEN_MISSING, message=Access token is missing
2022-05-08 21:42:47.633 [WARN ] [al.handler.capability.HomeCapability] - Error gettting Home informations : Rest call failed: statusCode=ACCESS_TOKEN_MISSING, message=Access token is missing

Will have an eye on it now.

Great work, glad that you finally made it into a release!

Can I try this new version in my 3.2 installation?

No issues here. 36 hours up and running :slight_smile:

@glhopital : this is at least strange to see a null message for the exception when refreshing the access token?

On my side, I still have expected values in OH so the refresh of access token is working well.