New Product : Sonoff Mini

I’ve been waiting ages for the Sonoff Basic to get some input terminals for a wired switch. Looks like the new Sonoff Mini is what I’ve been waiting for.

I’m not sure what it will look like on the inside in terms of being able to flash Tasmota onto it but have ordered one to give it a try :slight_smile:


Ah nice - please keep us updated if it runs Tasmota

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Just received an email about this. it’ll be a nice addition to light switches etc.
I am sure the various firmware versions will quite quickly update for support if it.

Still hasn’t arrived yet… Waiting… Waiting…

mines are on the way too, will share update when I receive them

Hi. I’ve received mine today. Flashed tasmota quite easily. Behaviour like Sonoff basic. Updated to 6.6.0. OTA.

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Connection with mechanical switch does not work for the moment, needs more investigation in ”configure module” section?

Solved. Module basic, GPIO4 : Switch1 (9)

Thanks! Mine still not arrived yet :laughing:

Can you confirm if this module uses a back converter and hence separates the 3.3 volts from the mains or not?

I cant find any schematic anywhere!

This does look good!!!

Hey mate, how did you flash yours?
Mine arrived today and the solder pads are tiny!

@Bedza would you be able to do a little write up on how to flash it using the “DIY API” mode? I read some some manuals and it seems pretty complicated…

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Okay I think I may have figured it out…

I first managed to find the GIThub page for it and read this document which made it seem very complicated :slight_smile:

Then found and watched this super blurry video…

That showed me that you first need to setup a wifi hotspot with these details…

  • Name : SonoffDiy
  • Password : 20170618sn

Then there is a small jumper that comes with the device and you need to install this. This will make it connect to the wifi access point you just setup.

I then downloaded this DIY tool and connected my laptop to the same wifi network.

The DIY tool is pretty basic but found found the sonoff and let me turn it on and off etc…

The video showed a button that lets you upload your own firmware… The tool doesn’t have the same button but does have one called “Brush machine” which seems to do the same thing. I used it to upload the tasmota minimal binary.

BUT, looks like the sonoff isn’t rebooting and creating the standard Tasmota wifi access point :frowning:
Looks like I may have stuffed it up because obviously now I can’t even get the original itead firmware to boot up… Worse case I’m going to have to attempt to solder some wires and flash it the old fashioned way…

I have used four needles and flashed as it would be Sonoff basic. On the internet there is also Picture showing soldering Sonof Mini. I have not tested the DIY method.
My Sonof mini is working for couple of days without any problém.

@Bedza did you also need to push the button as you applied power to put into flashing mode?

Those things are super small, two in size of one basic and heigh is bit lower than basic as well.
Flashing is super easy, push button, connect ftdi, release button, flash and enjoy tasmota

@TommySharp “dyi” mode is crap, you need to install their app, allow to access internet etc.
you can check this video:

but you really do not need any soldering if you are not comfortable with it, just use headers and hold it till flash is done

Hi, could I use this to control blinds with the Tasmota firmware? Sure it can control both channels (up and down) but would it be able to recognize / learn the end point switches or the signal when the motor hits the final maximum position? Like with a Fibaro and likewise?

I am going to use 3x mini to control shaders (Somfy). three buttons: UP, DEFAULT(or stop), DOWN.
Pulsetime=3 in Tasmota console settings.
No limit points to be checked (not aware of better solution). This will work with Homekit.

Any other idea on using Sonoff mini would be appreciated.

You could use the Shelly 2.5, event supports Mqtt out of the box.

Im going to set fire to mine, seriously sonoff are morons. Why did they make this so hard.

Setup the sonoffDiy network with password, 20170608sn - nada! Cant see the thing. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr