New Robot Vacuum Cleaner


I am planning ti invest in a new Robot Vacuum Cleaner and do not now what to choose.
Reliability and cleaning result most important. (and OpenHAB integration of course :slight_smile:)


I am thinking about a S6 but i can not see support for vaccum in binding.

I want to have the possibility to say turn on vaccum in kitchen to have it clean the kitchen.


Im also planing to buy a robot vacuum cleaner.

Maybe the Roborock S5 Max.

Can I use the Xiaomi Binding without the cloud?
I didn´t find a clear answer.

Cheers Joko

The binding can be used without the cloud, in the sense that it does not use the cloud to communicate to the vacuum.

The cloud connection is needed in case you need to get the tokens (once, but there are more complex alternatives to get the token without cloud) or you want to have the map (the maps are stored on the cloud, they can’t be fetched from the vacuums without rooting the vacuum).