New Roku OH2 Binding

I have been working on a OH2 binding for Roku. It is currently working and tested out without issues in my setup. @Kai what are my next steps to get this added to nightly builds so that I can get a group of testers on board testing it for issues?


Sounds great, thanks!
You can find some general infos on how to contribute at

In your case, you should create a PR at and possibly add your binding as a zip file to it so that people can directly test it without having to compile it themselves.
I’ll review it in due time and once the sources look good, it will be included in the official distro.

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I will look into the supplied documentation and get the pull request created. I have a question, I am serving up multiple attributes about the Roku device, and one thing happens to be a menu that maps the channel ID to the channel name (making it easier for people to create automation around launching various applications for different events). It appears that the StringType does not allow for multiple lines to be displayed. @Kai is there a type that will allow multiple line text to be rendered into the PaperUI? If not should I request a type?


@Kai a pull request has been initiated … can you provide any information or documentation on manually zipping this up so that users can begin to test prior to its addition to the add-on’s in the main project? Is it as simple as zipping up the folder or do I have to do some type of build?

I asked the same question about multi line frames and ended up opening an issue regarding it. The issue was closed after a little discussion, but no multi line solution was found/created/available. I’d still like one though, heh. If you find a solution then let me know!

The other option that I was looking at is to use a Number type and somehow dynamically define its options where the Roku channel ID mapped to the Roku application name and then they could select which app they wanted launched and it would provide the numbered channel id back to the binding to execute the action.

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It’s been a couple of years. I haven’t seen a Roku binding in the Bindings list. Did this ever make it in to production?



Bump… Trying to keep this issue current…