New Sun Synk Connect Account and Inverter Binding

I have written a binding for the Sun Synk Connect Web services.
You can find the .jar file and the at my GitHub.

This is my first binding and so I’m very much in the learning stage myself.
Please install and test if you wish and get back here with problems or feature requests.
I will do my best to assist, although can not promise to be speedy, so be patient please.

Update: For those that are interested the source code is here.

SunSynk Binding

This binding integrates the Sun Synk Connect web services.
This binding is used to connect your openHAB system with Sun Synk Connect (where you log in and find Your Inverters). The binding supports discovery via configuring your login and password in an openHAB bridge. From the binding, you will get status of your inverters and also command channels where you can control them. Since the binding uses a polling mechanism, there may be some latency depending on your setting regarding refresh time.

Sun Synk Connect


You will require to have installed a Sun Synk inverter with a WiFi Data logger e-linter connected to the Sun Synk App or Connect. See Data Logger set up or Sun Synk Web.

This binding uses your Sun Synk Connect credentials to access Sun Synk’s web services via an OpenHAB Bridge (SunSynk Account). The bridge manages the account authentication and the discovery of SunSynk Inverter and Plant Things. Only the Inverter Thing is currently supported.

Supported Things

The supported Thing Types are

Name Thing type Supported Thing
SunSynk Account Bridge Thing sunsynkaccount
SunSynk Inverter Thing inverter
SunSynk Plant Thing (TO DO)


  1. Add the sunsynk binding.
  2. Add a new thing of type SunSynk Account via the SunSynk Binding and configure with username and password.
  3. Go to Inbox press [+] and via the SunSynk Account start discovery [Scan] of inverters.
  4. Inverters should appear in your inbox!

The SunSynk Account bridge thing will discover connected inverters through the UI Scan service.
When using the UI Scan service all the parameters for an Inverter Thing are discovered.

  • Inverter Serial maps to the Sun Synk Connect inverter serial number
  • Inverter Name maps to the Sun Synk Connect inverter alias
  • Refresh time (advanced) default 60s and determines the intervals between polls of Sun Synk Connect. A value above 60 is enforced.

The refresh rate is limited to once every 60s to prevent to many requests from the Sun Synk Connect API, although there is no rate limit, the Sun Synk data is fully refreshed on their server about every 60s. This can mean the data in openHAB is more than 1 minute delayed from real-time. Commands sent (from openHAB) to Sun Synk are buffered up until the next refresh interval and as they take a while to propagate through to your inverter, some channel are not refreshed (read back) from Sun Synk Connect until the next minute.

The SunSynk Account requires the user e-mail address and password used to login to Sun Synk Connect.

  • The bridge Thing UID is of the form sunsynk:sunsynkaccout:abcdef1234
  • The inverter Thing UID is of the form sunsynk:inverter:abcdef1234:<gateway serial><inverter serial>

where <gateway serial> and <inverter serial> are discovered from Sun Synk Connect

Thing Configuration

sunsynkaccount Bridge Thing Configuration

Name Type Description Default Required Advanced
email text Email address used to login Sun Synk Connect N/A yes no
password text Password to access the device N/A yes no

sunsynk:inverter: Thing Configuration

Name Type Description Default Required Advanced
alias text The Sun Synk Connect inverter alias. N/A yes no
sn text The Sun Synk Connect inverter serial number. N/A yes no
refresh integer Interval the device is polled in sec. 60 yes yes


The SunSynkAccount has no channels.
The SunSynk Inverter has the following channels

Channel Type R/W Description Advanced
Battery-SOC Number R Inverter battery % charge no
Battery-grid-voltage Number R Battery dc electric-voltage no
Battery-grid-current Number R Battery dc electric-current no
Battery-grid-power Number R Battery dc electric-power no
Battery-temperature Number R Battery temperature no
Inverter-ac-temperature Number R Inverter ac temperature no
Inverter-dc-temperature Number R Inverter dc temperature no
Inverter-grid-power Number R Inverter ac electric-power no
Inverter-grid-voltage Number R Inverter ac electric-voltage no
Inverter-grid-current Number R Inverter ac electric-current no
Inverter-solar-energy-today Number R Solar dc energy generated today no
Inverter-solar-energy-total Number R Solar dc energy generated to date no
Inverter-solar-power-now Number R Solar dc electric-current no
Interval-1-grid-charge Switch R/W Interval 1 grid charge on/off yes
Interval-1-grid-time DateTime R/W Interval 1 start grid charge time yes
Interval-1-grid-capacity Number R/W Interval 1 battery charge target yes
Interval-1-grid-power-limit Number R/W Interval 1 charge power limit yes
Interval-2-grid-charge Switch R/W Interval 2 grid charge on/off yes
Interval-2-grid-time DateTime R/W Interval 2 start grid charge time yes
Interval-2-grid-capacity Number R/W Interval 2 battery charge target yes
Interval-2-grid-power-limit Number R/W Interval 2 charge power limit yes
Interval-3-grid-charge Switch R/W Interval 3 grid charge on/off yes
Interval-3-grid-time DateTime R/W Interval 3 start grid charge time yes
Interval-3-grid-capacity Number R/W Interval 3 battery charge target yes
Interval-3-grid-power-limit Number R/W Interval 3 charge power limit yes
Interval-4-grid-charge Switch R/W Interval 4 grid charge on/off yes
Interval-4-grid-time DateTime R/W Interval 4 start grid charge time yes
Interval-4-grid-capacity Number R/W Interval 4 battery charge target yes
Interval-4-grid-power-limit Number R/W Interval 4 charge power limit yes
Interval-5-grid-charge Switch R/W Interval 5 grid charge on/off yes
Interval-5-grid-time DateTime R/W Interval 5 start grid charge time yes
Interval-5-grid-capacity Number R/W Interval 5 battery charge target yes
Interval-5-grid-power-limit Number R/W Interval 5 charge power limit yes
Interval-6-grid-charge Switch R/W Interval 6 grid charge on/off yes
Interval-6-grid-time DateTime R/W Interval 6 start grid charge time yes
Interval-6-grid-capacity Number R/W Interval 6 battery charge target yes
Interval-6-grid-power-limit Number R/W Interval 6 charge power limit yes
Interval-1-gen-charge Number R/W Interval 1 generator charge on/of yes
Interval-2-gen-charge Switch R/W Interval 2 generator charge on/of yes
Interval-3-gen-charge Switch R/W Interval 3 generator charge on/of yes
Interval-4-gen-charge Switch R/W Interval 4 generator charge on/of yes
Interval-5-gen-charge Switch R/W Interval 5 generator charge on/of yes
Interval-6-gen-charge Switch R/W Interval 6 generator charge on/of yes
Inverter-control-timer Switch R/W Inverter control timer on/off yes
Inverter-control-work-mode Number R/W Inverter work mode 1, 2 or 3 yes
Inverter-control-energy-pattern Number R/W Inverter energy pattern 1 or 2 yes

Thing Configuration


From a .things file:

Bridge sunsynk:sunsynkaccount: xxx @ "Loft" [email= "user.symbol@domain.", password="somepassword"]{
    Thing inverter E1234567R1231234567890 @ "Loft" [alias= "My Inverter", sn= "1234567890", refresh= 60]

Item Configuration


From an .items file:

Switch                      Interval1GridCharge         "Switch on Grid Charge for Interval 1"         {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-1-grid-charge"}
Switch                      Interval2GridCharge         "Switch on Grid Charge for Interval 2"         {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-2-grid-charge"}
Switch                      Interval3GridCharge         "Switch on Grid Charge for Interval 3"         {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-3-grid-charge"}
Switch                      Interval4GridCharge         "Switch on Grid Charge for Interval 4"         {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-4-grid-charge"}
Switch                      Interval5GridCharge         "Switch on Grid Charge for Interval 5"         {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-5-grid-charge"}
Switch                      Interval6GridCharge         "Switch on Grid Charge for Interval 6"         {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-6-grid-charge"}

Switch                      Interval1GenCharge          "Switch on Generator Charge for Interval 1"    {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-1-gen-charge"}
Switch                      Interval2GenCharge          "Switch on Generator Charge for Interval 2"    {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-2-gen-charge"}
Switch                      Interval3GenCharge          "Switch on Generator Charge for Interval 3"    {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-3-gen-charge"}
Switch                      Interval4GenCharge          "Switch on Generator Charge for Interval 4"    {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-4-gen-charge"}
Switch                      Interval5GenCharge          "Switch on Generator Charge for Interval 5"    {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-5-gen-charge"}
Switch                      Interval6GenCharge          "Switch on Generator Charge for Interval 6"    {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-6-gen-charge"}

DateTime                    Interval1GridTime           "Time for Interval 1"                          {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-1-grid-time", widget="widget:rlk_datetime_standalone"[label="Time Picker"]}
DateTime                    Interval2GridTime           "Time for Interval 2"                          {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-2-grid-time", widget="widget:rlk_datetime_standalone"[label="Time Picker"]}
DateTime                    Interval3GridTime           "Time for Interval 3"                          {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-3-grid-time", widget="widget:rlk_datetime_standalone"[label="Time Picker"]}
DateTime                    Interval4GridTime           "Time for Interval 4"                          {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-4-grid-time", widget="widget:rlk_datetime_standalone"[label="Time Picker"]}
DateTime                    Interval5GridTime           "Time for Interval 5"                          {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-5-grid-time", widget="widget:rlk_datetime_standalone"[label="Time Picker"]}
DateTime                    Interval6GridTime           "Time for Interval 6"                          {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-6-grid-time", widget="widget:rlk_datetime_standalone"[label="Time Picker"]}

Number:Dimensionless        Interval1GridCapacity       "Charge Target Interval 1"                     {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-1-grid-capacity", widget="oh-slider-card",listWidget="oh-slider-item"[title="Target SOC",subtitle="Set % SOC"]}
Number:Dimensionless        Interval2GridCapacity       "Charge Target Interval 2"                     {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-2-grid-capacity", widget="oh-slider-card",listWidget="oh-slider-item"[title="Target SOC",subtitle="Set % SOC"]}
Number:Dimensionless        Interval3GridCapacity       "Charge Target Interval 3"                     {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-3-grid-capacity", widget="oh-slider-card",listWidget="oh-slider-item"[title="Target SOC",subtitle="Set % SOC"]}
Number:Dimensionless        Interval4GridCapacity       "Charge Target Interval 4"                     {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-4-grid-capacity", widget="oh-slider-card",listWidget="oh-slider-item"[title="Target SOC",subtitle="Set % SOC"]}
Number:Dimensionless        Interval5GridCapacity       "Charge Target Interval 5"                     {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-5-grid-capacity", widget="oh-slider-card",listWidget="oh-slider-item"[title="Target SOC",subtitle="Set % SOC"]}
Number:Dimensionless        Interval6GridCapacity       "Charge Target Interval 6"                     {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-6-grid-capacity", widget="oh-slider-card",listWidget="oh-slider-item"[title="Target SOC",subtitle="Set % SOC"]}

Number:Power                Interval1GridPowerLimit     "Max Charge Power Interval 1"                  {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-1-grid-power-limit", listWidget="oh-slider-item"[title="Target Power Limit",subtitle="Set Limit in Watts", min=0, max=8000,step=1000]}
Number:Power                Interval2GridPowerLimit     "Max Charge Power Interval 2"                  {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-2-grid-power-limit", listWidget="oh-slider-item"[title="Target Power Limit",subtitle="Set Limit in Watts", min=0, max=8000,step=1000]}
Number:Power                Interval3GridPowerLimit     "Max Charge Power Interval 3"                  {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-3-grid-power-limit", listWidget="oh-slider-item"[title="Target Power Limit",subtitle="Set Limit in Watts", min=0, max=8000,step=1000]}
Number:Power                Interval4GridPowerLimit     "Max Charge Power Interval 4"                  {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-4-grid-power-limit", listWidget="oh-slider-item"[title="Target Power Limit",subtitle="Set Limit in Watts", min=0, max=8000,step=1000]}
Number:Power                Interval5GridPowerLimit     "Max Charge Power Interval 5"                  {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-5-grid-power-limit", listWidget="oh-slider-item"[title="Target Power Limit",subtitle="Set Limit in Watts", min=0, max=8000,step=1000]}
Number:Power                Interval6GridPowerLimit     "Max Charge Power Interval 6"                  {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Interval-6-grid-power-limit", listWidget="oh-slider-item"[title="Target Power Limit",subtitle="Set Limit in Watts", min=0, max=8000,step=1000]}

Number:Dimensionless        BatterySOC                  "Battery SOC [%s]"                             {channel ="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Battery-SOC"}
Number:ElectricPotential    BatteryGridVoltage          "Battery Grid Voltage"                         {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Battery-grid-voltage"}
Number:ElectricCurrent      BatteryGridCurrent          "Battery Grid Current"                         {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Battery-grid-current"}
Number:Power                BatteryGridPdower           "Battery Grid Power"                           {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Battery-grid-power"}
Number:Temperature          BatteryTemperature          "Battery Temperatue "                          {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Battery-temperature"}
Number:Temperature          InverterACTemperature       "Inverter AC Temperature"                      {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Inverter-ac-temperature"}
Number:Temperature          InverterDCTemperature       "Inverter DC Temperature"                      {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Inverter-dc-temperature"}
Number:Power                InverterGridPower           "Inverter Grid Power"                          {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Inverter-grid-power"}
Number:ElectricPotential    InverterGridVoltage         "Inverter Grid Voltage"                        {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Inverter-grid-voltage"}
Number:ElectricCurrent      InverterGridCurrent         "Inverter Grid Current"                        {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Inverter-grid-current"}
Number:Energy               InverterSolarEnergyToday    "Inverter Energy Today"                        {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Inverter-solar-energy-today"}
Number:Energy               InverterSolarEnergyTotal    "Inverter Enery Gross"                         {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Inverter-solar-energy-total"}
Number:Power                InverterSolarPowerNow       "Inverter Power"                               {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Inverter-solar-power-now"}

Switch                      Interval6ControlTimer       "Switch on System Mode Timer"                  {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Inverter-control-timer"}
Number:Dimensionless        InverterControlWorkMode     "System Work Mode 0, 1 or 2"                   {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Inverter-control-work-mode", widget="oh-slider-card",listWidget="oh-slider-item"[title="Inverter  Work Mode",subtitle="0 - Selling, 1 - Zero-Export or 2 - Limted to Home", min=0, max=2,step=1]}
Number:Dimensionless        InverterControlPattern      "System Mode Energy Pattern 0 or 1"            {channel="sunsynk:inverter:a1a6340bc0:E4701229R3312211229948:Inverter-control-energy-pattern", widget="oh-slider-card",listWidget="oh-slider-item"[title="Inverter Energy Pattern",subtitle="0 - Battery or 1 - Load", min=0, max=1,step=1]}

DateTime Widget

The items file above adds Metadata: Default Standalone widget: rlk_datetime_standalone to the DateTime items. Only the time portion of the DateTime item is important.

Be sure to understand the time zone set up for the inverter, this can either be synchronised with Sun Synk servers, which in the UK at least applies daylight saving, or free-wheeling locally. The times set in the DateTime items using the widget are not adjusted to any time zone and are sent to the SunSynk API as Strings where they will be applied directly to your inverter. This is in contrast to other solar / energy APIs that use Zulu (GMT) time.


Place the .jar file into your addons directory. See the “Through manually provided add-on” section of Installation of Add-ons.

Trouble Shooting

This first version of the binding has been built against 4.2.0-SNAPSHOT - Build #3989, currently its only available as a .jar file


Although the binding is written to find multiple Inverters for each Sun Synk Connect account, testing has been against an account with a single inverter.

Sun Synk account and inverter versions are:

  • Gateway Model EESW-D205
  • Gateway COMM Type Wi-Fi
  • Gateway HW AEW2-0005-03
  • Gateway SW 4790123B24R
  • Inverter 8.0 kW
  • Inverter Type Energy Storage
  • Inverter SW M / S / C E.4.3.0
  • Connect App Version 1.11.12


After installation, to gain further information on any issues you encounter you can turn on Debug Logging either through the karaf console or through the openHAB UI.

Via Console:

log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.sunsynk

Via UI:

Log on to your local openHAB as admin and follow the menus.

  • Settings > Add-on-Store > Bindings
  • Scroll down to find the binding and click on its title, click the cog and select the level “Debug” on the right.

You should now be able to see debug data in the openhab.log.

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Hi @LeeC77

Thank you for this. Good to see a Binding for SunSynk.

Just wondered if you ever considered doing all of this via ModBus? This would remove the reliance on the SunSynk cloud services (which have been a bit flaky of late)?

I have a pretty decent widget interface directly with my SunSynk via Modbus and cal poll for data at whatever interval I choose. I mostly never notice when the cloud services are unavailable (other that when they reset the time repeatedly).

Will atek a look at your binding when I get a chance out of interest.


I’ve not had too much of a problem with the web services, but it’s not quite been a year for me.
I had a quick look at the ModBus option, but could not determine the hardware that would definitely work, what do you use?
Are you able to send commands to your inverter via ModBus?
I would consider doing a Sun Synk ModBus binding if provides advantages, do you have any idea of the latency between the real-time and the ModBus Sun Synk values?

Thanks @LeeC77

I use a Waveshare USB to RS485 adapter with a network cable to my openHAB server.

The pinout is pretty simple and I can dig that up again if you need.

I have not setup any commands to send to the inverter. Though using ModBus this is certainly possible. There are a few links around about doing that.

The latency between Inverter and SunSynk is by default 5 minutes, but you can request this be reduced to 1 minute if you request that from installer/SunSync

Happy to share the modbus registers etc I use if you would like.

EDIT: As far as i have seen yiu coukd actually do add ons to modbus with specific midel support.

Would be interesting to share the pin outs and a link to the hardware thanks?

This hardware or something more capable?

Hum the ‘data interval’ I’m able to control as I have installer privilege, but I thought that just controlled the API refresh via the gateway not the inverter send / ModBus update. This one–>

So are you saying even with ModBus you don’t get closer than 1 min to the real-time values?
Are you able to use the ModBus and Gateway (e-linter) at the same time?

Hi @LeeC77

The following thread has tons of information which is what I used for the most part - other than setting up my widgets and finding more specific ModBus registers and converting them etc.

My cable is pinned out as follows:

1    Orange/White     --->B
8    Brown            --->B

2    Orange           --->A
7    Brown/White      --->A

3     Green/White    --->GND

That is the hardware I am using. Also linked in the thread above.

Sorry, no that is not what I meant… Using ModBus you can poll the inverter as often as you like. Though I did find that if you poll too often that some responses get missed. You can also poll at different rates for different registers. I use anything from 30 seconds to 60 minutes - depending on the value

So glad you are ok too look into the modbus route.

Some samples of my widgets:

SunSynk Widget