New TP-Link Smart Home binding with Bulb, Plug and Switch Support

This is an apk / java de compiler:

Now we need someone who understands java and can figure out how the protocol works

At the moment only Alexa (and Google Home) communicates with Tapo devices. If you have an Echo or other Alexa device, you can use Amazon Echo Control Binding to address the Tapo devices as a work around.


That’s a good workaround. I didn’t know it was possible to control other devices through the Echo binding. The 10-minute polling interval could be annoying, though.

I don’t need it, but it would be amusing to have Google controlling devices attached via Echo. I imagine the routing would look like this:

  1. Google Assistant talks to openHAB Cloud
  2. openHAB Cloud talks to openHAB
  3. openHAB talks to Amazon
  4. Amazon talks to TP-Link Tapo cloud
  5. TP-Link Tapo cloud talks to your Tapo device.

Although it’s possible that the Tapos can be locally controlled by Echo, in which case it’s only four steps. :wink:

Hello Hilbrand,
I´m usig TC120 Cam und want to add it to openhab.
At the app it is shown, that the cam is connected to my wlan and the MAC-adress is shown.
After starting advanced IP-scanner at my PC I also see the IP-Adress

Hi apparently someone recently reversed engineered the access to these cameras, at least seems to work with KC100 (which I own) and KC105, probably KC120 too.

Here is a link to a step by step process of how to access the camera, hope this helps.

I would be more than willing to test the binding



At this time, the TP-Link Smart Home binding only supports plugs, switches and lights. I can’t speak for Hilbrand, but since cameras haven’t been added before I would guess that there’s no intention to do so in the future.

You might have more success discussing this in the thread for the IP Camera binding. @matt1 is always looking for people to test and add new cameras.

Well, I assumed that since this was a generic TP-link Smart Home binding, that the objective here was to eventually include all line of products, and also Hilbrand previously answered that what was keeping him from including the cameras was the fact he didnt had one and the access to the camera was obscure and someone would have to reverse engineer the process for him to consider including it in the binding.

The reason I didnt tried reaching the IP camera binding was simply because the Kasa cameras dont work as a regular IP camera, but I can also try him, just not sure if he would be interested in supporting a camera that works quite differently from the majority of ip cams

Thanks for the clarification. I’ve never read back as far as Jan 2018, and didn’t look at which of his posts you were replying to.

Tha makes sense, but I had no reason to assume you’ve thought through it this far. Hence my suggestion to ask now that there’s more information available. :wink:

From a quick glance it will probably already work in the ipcamera binding you would just need to give it the https URL with the encoded password to the ffmpeg input config of the binding.

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Well I tried using his method but somehow I got stuck with the authentication process.
Its not very clear to me where/how he is putting his credentials, also tried encoding using the process on his pseudo-code and didnt work, although someone managed to make it work so im assuming im doing something wrong, just havent figured it out yet.
I droped the author a message asking for clarification

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Yep I still don’t own a TP-Link camera :wink: So I have no direct plans to add them.

Looking at the reversed engineerd information it looks similar communication as other TP-Link devices. So if you manually configure a HS100 you might be able to see the status and even might be able to switch the camera led on and off. I don’t know what actually switching on or off might do or if there are any other commands possible. Basic device status or maybe some other commands might be something to add to the binding. But streaming would be much more complex I would guess and might be better serviced by the ipcamera binding. Maybe extending that binding with specific support for tplink to be able to easier get the correct url or let the tplink binding provide the url in some way to the ipcamera binding.

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Open a new thread and mention my name in it and if your willing to post debug log output and try a few things I will take a look in a new dedicated thread.

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any progress on the p100 plugs?

I recently found and can now switch my plugs on and off using the exec binding.
Having a Java implementation in an addons would still be nice though :slight_smile:

@hilbrand Will the TP-Link tapo p100 be supported by your binding? Unfortunately bought some of them without knowing that they are incompatible to the other Kasa products :frowning: Even the new app is not working correctly. Thanks.

Hi Hilbrand,

Do you have plans to add support for the KP115 ?

It’s the slimmer version of the HS110 effectively a slimline plug with energy monitoring.


It’s already added:

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Is it possible to install this updated TP-Link add-on to an OpenHAB 3.0 installation?
I am about to purchase a few KP115’s and would love for them to work with my OpenHAB 3.0 setup.

Thank you, that’s good to know.

Really simple question - how do i update the binding to add support for the KP115?

I’m running OH3 inside an Unraid Docker

Thank you

Author of the KP115 addition here. If you’re willing to manually install the TPLink binding, the snapshot build of 3.1.0 should work fine with 3.0.0. Grab it here and drop it in the addons directory. You might want to uninstall the 3.0.0 binding first to be safe.