New zwave device Fibaro Heat Controller (thermostat radiator)

Hi, I get new thermostat radiator valve recently released by Fibaro. It’s very nice lookstyle and it seems to have a lot of possibilities. It wasn’t present in zwave database (I get unknown device after discovery) so I uploaded xml and the device is currently in awaiting review following updates status:

I’ve also tried to configure thing manually:
Thing zwave:device:33c6ff94:node9 “FHC Soggiorno” (zwave:serial_zstick:33c6ff94) [ node_id=9 ] {
Type sensor_temperature : sensor_temperature [
But the device still remains after 1 day in a initializing status:
Unknown Device

I’d like to make it working and to contribute to let others to use it, is there anything else I can do?

It looks like you have done everything you can, so just give it a little time and your device will be included in the bindings. With the 2.2 release and holidays, it’s possible that it may take a bit longer than normal. Also, if you really want to try it out now, did you install the development version of the binding? It is currently required for manual Thing configuration.

You can find/ask questions about the dev binding here…

Ok, good news, it seems I’m on the right way. In the meantime I’ll try to update my 2.1 version to development 2.2 one.

I can add this to the binding now, but note that the database is very incomplete so functionality will be limited (ie the device probably won’t work).

If you can complete the database definition it would be good - ie adding the configuration parameters, the association groups, and also uploading a manual so I can check a few things…

Hi Chris, thanks for your feedback. I uploaded operating manual in the database, I tried also to set association group taking information from the manual that says:

Association Command Class:
The device supports only “Lifeline” association group that reports the device status and allows for assigning single device only (main
controller by default).

but I’m not sure to have filled right information.
About configuration parameters it seems also harder, I found some parameters (three) in operating manual (#18: Advanced parameters) but I’m quite scared to fill it in the database, I ask you please an help.

Sorry for my lack of knowledge, I’m quite new to openhab and to zwave world, I’m studying looking around in the web and playing and setting up an home automation system, it’s a very interesting world, I’d like also to try to contribute to the community.

I have a few minutes to help out…

OK… I added the configuration parameters. I didn’t read through the whole manual… is there anything else you see missing?

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Nice one - thanks.

Thx 5iver, I’m going to test it on newly installed binding 2.2 dev version.

It’s not actually in the binding yet - I’ll do another update tomorrow morning so it should be included then.

Ok, thank you all

Hi Chris, please let me know when I could try to discover again the device, at the moment it gets following result:

2017-12-10 16:51:30.738 [WARN ] [wave.discovery.ZWaveDiscoveryService] - NODE 9: Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! 010F:1301:1000::4.0

It was merged this morning, so try tomorrow build and it should be in there.

I’ve updated the build and now Fibaro Heat Controller is finely discovered, it matches information taken from database.
I’ve filled some textual description (inclusion, exclusion, wake-up), unfortunately I’ve added accidentally an empty channel in endpoint 1 and now I can’t remove it. I ask please to remove it in order to let update device information with other fields filled.

Moreover I’ve some questions:

  1. looking at manual the device support 2 endpoints, one is for the thermostatic head (the one I have) and one is for the external temperature sensor (I haven’t till now), however device definition in the database after xml upload reports three endpoints, endpoints 0 seems to be the collection of both endpoints 1 and 2, endpoints 1 corresponds to the thermostatic head and endpoints 1 corresponds to the external temperature sensor. Is it right to have an endpoint 0 that seems to “duplicate” command class and channels of endpoint 1 and 2?
  2. it’s not clear to me which are the rules that lead to generate channel for some device class and not for others: why for example there is no channel for SCHEDULE command class? It could be useful to get/set schedule on the thermostatic head. Why BATTERY commands (one for each endpoint) generate a channel in openhab even if there is no channel definition in the database?
  3. About BATTERY channels it’s reported three times (one for each endpoint probably) with the same channel name (battery-level) that leads to have the same value for three instances, while it should be at least different between endpoint 1 (battery of thermostatic head) and endpoint 2 (battery of temperature sensor). do I have to change the channel name in the database?

I removed this channel for you. Keep in mind that due to holidays, these changes may not propagate into the binding for a couple of weeks. And it will probably take that long to get some answers to your questions, but I will take a shot at them…

1. This does look odd and the duplicate channels can probably be removed.
2. A schedule channel does not exist yet. You may have found [this]( already. Before you implement it, I'd check with Chris to see if he's already started work in this direction. As for the channels appearing even though they were not defined in the database, my guess is that Chris has started to bring in some code that will automagically create the channels for us.
3. I think the battery CC can be removed from endpoint 0, and battery channels (with appropriate names) added to endpoints 1 and 2. But if you are getting the same values for all of them, there may be something deeper to look into.

Anyway, basic commands of the device are working fine with current version of data loaded: thermostat mode off/heat switch and thermostat setpoint temperature are fine, also battery level (even if it’s duplicated), it also reacts very quickly to command changes. I think it’s already a good work.
My questions are mainly to improve it, nothing urgent. I’d like to work on schedule implementation also if it can help.

Will this make it to the 2.2 stable version ?


I can’t say for certain either way, but if it is in the 2.2 snapshot (which I’m pretty sure it is), then it should be in the release.

I have one of those Thermostats, too but it is shown as unknown device.
I’m on package on synology and on 2.2.0-SNAPSHOT for the z-wave binding.

As all my things worked out-of-the-box so far, i’m a bit clueless on what to do now.
Could someone please point me in the right direction?


Hi Raven, I’ve updated zwave binding to the latest version published by Chris:

and it works. I’ve also restarted openhab after binding installation. After successfully discovering of the device it takes some time, few minutes, before it changes from unknown to known one.