Newest Dash Button with automatic deactivation?!

Just tried my to configure my newest Dash Button (delivery date was two days ago) as usual:
Configuration with the Amazon App, then blocking the MAC in my router for internet access and adding it to OpenHab with the Dashbutton binding. As I then pressed the button, it begins blinking white, OH detects it and after a while it stops blinking. So far all OK and same behavior as with my other one…

But after a couple of times, the behavior changed:

After pressing the button, the LED blinks two times red and the white. In this case, it is also detected and everything works.

But after a few more tries, it stays blinking red all the time and OH therefore does not detect it any more. It is back in the delivery status without WiFi config!!

It seems the the Dash Button has a kind of counter for failed orders. And after too many of them, it warns you with the 2 red blinks and after you ignored this, it resets its configuration!

Anyone observed this behavior too?
This would mean the fun is over… :frowning:

Maybe I have a similar issue. I didn’t check the led sequences but every once in a while OH shows the status “Initializing” for the dash buttons.
But they are not in factory reset config as I just need to delete them from OH and search them again then pressing the button once and having them discovered again.
However, annoying and if this is some kind of hacking protection from amazon I think they become worthless unless you can send them a fake amazon “success” command making them think the order has been processed. Maybe this can be added to the OH binding then :slight_smile:
So when OH received the command, the button would confirm with green led.

What is the model of your Dash button? I ordered one a week ago (march 2017) from Amazon UK and it works fine - The model delivered was
Model No. JK29LP
but it’s the same model number as dash buttons I ordered 6 months ago. Whether the firmware is different even if the model number remains the same I don’t know.

One of my dash buttons exhibited that behaviour (losing wifi, red flashes etc), then eventually deteriorated into no lights at all except for an extremely faint, short, blue/white momentary flash when pressing.

I took it apart and the battery was flat, I had pressed it perhaps 50 times.

I could imagine the battery doesn’t last as long when inhibited from communicating with the Amazon servers, as it perhaps retries several times and the wifi is active for much longer than anticipated (advertised life is 500 presses?)

Replacing the battery was easy enough - squeeze around the perimeter to break the plastic weld and lever apart to reveal a single AAA alkaline battery in a clip.


I’ve had two die in this way. They stop working and cannot be reset even after using the app, enabling Internet access to their mac addresses and holding the button to reset them. They can’t be reactivated/reset.I took one to bits and the battery was fine (couldn’t figure out a non destructive way to do this and I trashed it).

Listening to the connect broadcast signal is a bit of a hack anyway. I’ve got a few more dash buttons, but when they all die I will build something that does the same job but works better using a wemos d1 mini or similar!