Nexia binding?

I have an American Standard Acculink Thermostat that can be controlled through the NexiaHome service. I think it’s a z-wave compatible device (but I don’t have a z-wave hub at home), I wonder if anybody has any experience with this device, or with any Nexia devices?

I have American Standard (Trane) XL624 Thermostats with Nexia Zwave support.
See this post:

Regrettably, after numerous communications with Trane, they were unwilling to share the Z-wave device parameters/associations needed to get this to fully work on OH2.
They are however identified by the Zwave binding in OH2 and I am able to get Temp and Humidity readings from them.
All the other good stuff like making any settings or reading other info from them does not work.

Interesting, I did add the z-wave binding (I have no other z-wave devices in the house… so I didn’t know what to expect when I installed the binding)… I searched for ‘things’ thinking that since the thermostat was on my network, it might find it. But nothing showed up in Paper UI’s inbox. Forgive my absolute ignorance wrt z-wave, but I’m not even sure where to start. I don’t think I need the nexia hub (from what I can read, it says the hub is built in to the thermostat).

On another note, I can control the thermostat with the ‘nexiahome’ web site, so I’m thinking of reverse engineering the web API and writing my own interface.

I have the same issue. You can setup an automation in Nexiahome, connect Nexiahome to IFTT and then connect OH to IFTT. Unfortunately nexiahome only gives you a subset of controls (like you can’t change home/away mode for some reason, just change temperature setpoints).

Fascinating, I had no idea you could connect it to IFTTT.

Tell you what. If I ever get around to writing a library (probably python) to interface with nexiahome, I’ll put it on GitHub and link to it here.

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One more thing

Towards the bottom of that help article it says:

If a Zwave thermostat is already enrolled into your Nexia account, then it can also be added to the remote.
On the remote, press* and hold “Setup” until screen shows LGHT SETUP.

  • On the remote, use arrow to scroll to THERMOSTAT. Press OK.
  • On the remote, press ADD
  • On the thermostat, enable the inclusion process.
  • (On a Trane or American Standard 400/500 thermostat, to start inclusion, use the thermostat menu buttons to scroll to “Zwave Install”.
  • Press Select, and the press “YES” when asked if you want to remove this thermostat.
  • NOTE: This process will not remove the thermostat from Nexia; it will simply indentify the thermostat to the remote.)
  • When completed successfully, the remote can be used to adjust basic thermostat settings.


Unfortunately I can’t help you here. My Trane thermostat unfortunately isn’t zwave enabled. But it looks like you should be able to do an exclude as per above and then include it into OpenHAB assuming it’s in the Zwave database ( you should then be good to go.

Turns out my model of thermostat is not z-wave compatible!!! (argh) Acculink 950. I’m considering ordering a new one. Might be more fun to reverse engineer the API though

That’s been done already for smart things.

Does this help?