Next steps and integrations

So, I’ve now got openHAB2 working and I’m enjoying it’s functionality.

Currently only using sonoff switching devices.

S26 sockets to switch off all devices not needed out of hours in my office
a 4ch Pro R2 to control my Somfy based garage doors.

I now want to look at what else I can do with the technology… What do others find are good uses?

Can anyone suggest a good device to enable control of IR devices… TV’s, set top boxes etc?

Are there other good value manufacturers of automation devices like sonoff ?

I use Blue-Iris + IP based security cameras… has anyone made a link between the two systems ?

Are there any links to email system to enable openHAB to respond to status emails from e.g. an alarm system?

Are there any libraries of nice icons that people have built to supplement the available set?

Any ideas on how to replace the sliding switch with a push button?

Thoughts and help appreciated!


I don’t want tobe funny, but suggest investing a little time in discovering forum search. Many of the questions are answered -

Thank you… I must get better at searching…

There’ll still be questions, don’t be afraid to ask :slight_smile: