Niko Home Control II

The tests, this morning, show that there is a tiny bug.
Indeed, the position feed back does not works…

I will need trace logs to analyze what is going on.

Indeed, i had the previous binding installed. I uninstalled it, but no other reaction when i dropped the 2.5 jar file in the addons folder. I’m currently searching on the net how i can set the log to Trace level. Here are two logs i found:
events.log (2.9 KB)

openhab.log (26.3 KB)

OK. For the development binding to work, you need to have the mqtt transport installed. The easy way is to install the mqtt binding. When it is merged, this will not be necessary anymore.

Thank you very much, this fixed it.

It seems that everything is working. What i can’t figure out is how i can link Amazon Alexa (on sonos device), to Openhab. I found this link, but that seems to need Openhab Cloud, and i think this binding is just local.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the help so far.

Edit: is this maybe the solution?

I don’t use Alexa, but it indeed needs the cloud connector. Alexa is in the cloud, so needs a way to connect.

As I said previously the status f shutters is not updated on the slider
@Mherwege do you have any idea?


You will need to provide full details and record every step you do. For example, make a video of your actions on the touchscreen and tell us what happens with the sliders in OH. If you move the sliders in OH, do they move in the Niko apps?

You have to provide all details and trace logs to @Mherwege. We had a similar issue with the dimmer sliders so maybe the fix is easy but we can only start from logs :slight_smile:

@Nepomuk3000 I will need trace logs to analyze further. Note that it is expected the slider will only update when the rollershutter reaches its final position.

Latest NHC2 software 2.4.1 upgrades your coco to mosquito 1.5.3. Binding still works :slight_smile:


I’m trying to install the Niko Home Assistant II but i have still the issue with the “OFFLINE - COMMUNICATION_ERROR”.
I have added the jar in the addon folder and the bindings is well “Niko Home Control II Bridge”.
However i don’t what i need to add for the “profile” here is the log : Niko Home Control: profile ‘***’ does not match a profile in the controller.

Thank you for your help.

After accepting the bridge you have to set the touch profile parameter. You need to define a touch profile in the Niko Home Control programming software with a password on it. This will be used to communicate. So even if you do not have a Niko touchscreen in your installation, you need to set up such a profile. That’s what the error message says. The bridge will return a list of configured touch profiles, but does not find one with a name that matches the touch profile parameter on the bridge configuration in your case.

thanks a lot now it’s connected !

It took some time before I got the addon working. For some reason it always installed the 2.4 version. Now its working really great. Also connected it to influxdb and grafana for logging. I’m especially interested in the thermostat data. I got 4 data streams for each thermostat:

  • measured
  • mode
  • setpoint
  • overruletime

The measured and setpoint work as expected. The mode gives weird results. For some modules I got mode 5 and for some mode 3. But they got changed to 0 for some reason. See graphs and logs on dropbox.

I mis a link to view the heating demand. “Devices”:[{“Properties”:[{“Demand”:“Heating”}]
In the end I want to create metrics on the cost of heating each room and the total heating.
Is it possible to add it to the connector?

If you want I can share logs or test a feature.

Can’t upload documents on here (new user) so uploaded them to dropbox.
I switched through the modes and enabled override heating.

Already a big thanks for this awesome binding.

@Brett It looks there was a bug in the binding, that reset the mode to 0 (Day) when messages arrived from NHC that did not contain the current mode. I did a change to the binding to keep the old mode.
I hadn’t considered the demand property so far. I created a new channel for that on the thermostat. It should be set to 0 when nothing happens, 1 when heating and -1 when cooling (if your system allows that). It is a readonly channel. Would that work for you? You could easily map that in a sitemap with a map file to show heating or cooling. It is also easy to put it in a graph.
Just drop the new binding .jar you find here in your addons folder to test. You will have to remove the thermostats and add them again to get the new channel for heating/cooling demand.
Please run through your test again and let me know if it now works as expected.


@Mherwege thankyou for the fast update. I’m testing the updates now. Will share the results this week.

Tested the new Jar but the demand channel stays zero.
I added an additional log file in the dropbox and a graph view.

@Brett Thanks again for testing. I found an error in my code. Please try again and let me know.

@Brett, has your problem been resolved with latest update?