No devices in Alexa skill openhab connected to myopenhab


Problem: Alexa cannot find any devices.

Example Items:

/* OG */		                                                                           
Dimmer 			Licht_OG_Eltern_Schr	"Elt.Schrank [%d %%]"		(gOG, gLichtALL) 		[ "Lighting" ]	{ knx = "1/1/41+1/4/41, 1/2/41, 1/3/41+1/5/41" }
Switch 			Licht_OG_Eltern_Mitte 	"Eltern Mitte" 				(gOG, gLichtALL) 		[ "Lighting" ]	{ knx = "1/1/39+1/4/39" }
Switch 			Licht_OG_Eltern_Bett 	"Eltern Bett" 				(gOG, gLichtALL) 		[ "Lighting" ]	{ knx = "1/1/37+1/4/37" }
Dimmer 			Licht_OG_Bad 			"Bad [%d %%]" 				(gOG, gLichtALL) 		[ "Lighting" ]	{ knx = "1/1/33+1/4/33, 1/2/33, 1/3/33" }
Dimmer 			Licht_OG_Kind 			"Kind [%d %%]" 				(gOG, gLichtALL) 		[ "Lighting" ]	{ knx = "1/1/31+1/4/31, 1/2/31, 1/3/31" }
Switch 			Licht_OG_Flur			"Flur OG"			 		(gOG, gLichtALL) 		[ "Lighting" ]	{ knx = "1/1/27+1/4/27" }
Switch 			Licht_OG_Treppe			"Treppe EG-OG"			 	(gOG, gLichtALL, gEG) 	[ "Lighting" ]	{ knx = "1/1/17+1/4/17" }

Did you install the HUE emulation ? If not, please do so.

Was the HUE emulation not replaced by the myobenhab cloud and the alexa skill “openhab”? If not, why do I need myobenhab? The HUE emulation can do it stand alone - this is confusing me totally.

You may use either the hue emulation or the skill with the cloud connector.

You forgot to post the most important picture:

So make sure you have granted access for the skill to the cloud connector.

And: you don’t need to expose your items for the alexa skill to work properly.

Sorry, my fault, overlooked you are using it through myopenhab.
It is not a replacement. myopenhabs focus is remote controlling your smarthome.
I tried both and switched back to hue-emulation, as Alexa smarthome API (which is used by the skill) does actually have no benefit for me.
Just my 2 cents.

Your issue can be network related, so try it a couple of times. During my tests I could see that responses and reaction was a lot slower than hue-emulation.


but still no Items from myopenhab.

But i will use HUE emulation now. THX @hmerk I also currently see no advantage in myopenhab

Isn’t the advantage of the skill that it report back to you? Like the current temperature etc?

Also to get the hue emulation to work I needed to set the ip to the address of the OH server i.e, do not know if it works with localhost or openhabian instead of numbers.

@Quake3Arena @hmerk

For all who did not find any device with Alexa (via Official Alexa Smart Home Skill), I have maybe a solution! See here: Link

Hope this helps!

Edit: updated new information! (21 July)