No Push notifications through the App

Hi there,

since last night no more push notifications through the Android OpenHab App (Pixel 6a with latest Android). Cloud connection is online, I can see the notification payload in the app and also at The have complete notification Access at Android…

What else could be the reason?

BR Peter


Ok… Thank you for this information.
I simply restart my phone and this solved it for now…
All notifications since last night appeared

BR Peter

Hi there,

once a while ago I started this thread with the problem of no push notifications through the Android App.

No all of the sudden the same issue.
I think I did everything on my side: Restart the cloud connection, restart OpenHab, restart the Phone, re install the app. But nothing solves the issue.

The messages appear under “notifications” at myopenhab and also in the app if I look into it.

What can I do?

Br Peter

see Android app crashes when a Push Notification arrives - #8 by digitaldan