No working trigger functions openHAB 2.1

Had some issues with switches and correlated data after the upgrade to openHAB 2.1.
In the meanwhile i realized that trigger functions have problems if the trigger refers to groups, groups shall get another semantic as workaround.
On my configuration it looks as if also not group related items do not start a trigger function using a rule as e.g.

when item xyzzy received update then
{do this}

Did somebody made the same experience and has an recommendation how to fix this ?

Switching back to 2.0.0 and everything works fine again.

Group’s behavior has changed in how they calculate their state. You must define your Group with a type in order for the Group to get any updates.

Group:Switch:OR(ON,OFF) MySwitchesGroup

Thanks Rich !

Do i have then to relate every item to a group ?

At present all item are “raw”: Name +format conversion +icon

I deleted all groups as i do not need them for my HMI HabMIN and BasicUI.

Pls. advice, thanks, Frank

Items are not required to be a member of a Group. But if you have a Group that has no members then that Group is not doing anything for you nor will that Group ever receive a command or update and therefore cannot be used to trigger a rule (which is how I read your original question/problem).

Groups are useful for far more than the UIs. In truth, their use in the UIs is probably their least useful uses. They can be used to:

Exemplaric code is:

rule "Change_L2_Q11"
when Item NumBool_LaubeVordach changed then
if (NumBool_LaubeVordach.state == 1)

	rule "Switch_L2_Q11"
		Item Sw_LaubeVordach received command

So, pretty simple but it works fine for me as a beginner.


Switch Sw_LaubeVordach “Laube Vordach”
Number NumBool_LaubeVordach

Sw_LaubeVordach gets a commend by the switch in the basicUI,
NumBool_LaubeVordach is an integer from a json-request.

NumBool_LaubeVordach.postUpdate(Integer::parseInt(transform(“JSONPATH”, “$.[0]”,transform(“JSONPATH”, “$…[?(@.A==‘L2_Q11_2’)].V”, LogoControl_json))))

Even the simple switch command does not work with openHAB2.1 anymore, in openHAB2.0 there are no probs.

Perhaps you should investigate whether the rules get triggered at all, or if the actions are not being carried out. What is in your logs, do you see the Item getting a state change or command that you expect? Use logInfo to see if the rule is entered.

Tested the switch with an logInfo as recommended.
The switch themselves fires, the rule does not react.

Installed an openHAB 2.2 non productive system on another computer to test just the switch - result is the same: No reaction.
Wheres raw, just switch, a rule reacted. Adding another switch and
openHAB stops to operate a rule.

Fixed, the logic was ok. An LED gave dirt into the network. …Needed some Weekends to figure that issue out