Node-Red can't work with OH3


Node-red can’t integrate with OH3 due to the authentication (Both token/user-pass)
If someone plan to test the 3.0.0M2, please be aware

Opened ticket for both Openhab github’s, still no resolution.

So Node-Red does not support Basic Auth or OAuth Tokens?? What DOES it support??

For instance, HABApp accesses the API with either method.

Blockly is available with the latest snapshot. I believe it has similar functionality.


Well HABApp always intersted me, but my Python skills are nothing to be impressed with.
Node-Red is just infrastructure, people build modules for it. The modules built for OpenHab currently doesn’t work well with auth.
Since my rules include some HA (For god sake) I prefer to keep it externally at NR

The module authors need to update that but that is apart from openHAB here.

Home Assistant?

Yap, Not saying anything other then warn people who want to test 3.0.0M2 (that by the way super robust for me atleast)

Yap. My AC and Underfloor heating work out of the box with HA while I couldn’t find any binding for them with OH :frowning:

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