Not sure if HABMIN works right?

I am using OPENHAB2 on a Raspberry 3 - and generally the system works quite fine.
However, I believe I have troubles with HABMIN (I have installed it via Paper UI)

What does not work with HABMIN?

1.) it start with a strange start-screen (I will try to add to screenshot to this post)

2.) I get often the error %%key_not_found %%
3.) I cannot enter text in some field (for example I would like to add “tags” to items, but the tag-field is greyed-out
4.) the “schedule” seems not to work correctly; I can see the calender, but I cannot modifiy existing entries or make new oens
5.) the dashboard acts strange: i.e. I can add new widgets, but I just can change the size, but I cannot change the position

As I read in other posts that “… HABMIN works like a charn …” I guess I have made a mistake when I installed it.
(my installation procedure: after a freh installation of OPENHAB2 , I have installed the MySQL Persistence and afterwards HABMIN - everything with Paper UI)

I would appreciate if you had any recommendations how to get HABMIN correctly running.

Thank you,


-> thats how it looks like when I start HABMIN:

  1. looks good, that is the standard welcome screen
  2. known issue %%key_not_found%%
  3. it looks like it is for displaying purposes (or it is grayed out because your items are configured via text files?)
  4. sorry, never used that feature, can’t tell
  5. same as 4.

HABmin’s main purpose is configuring zwave devices. I know from other posts that the maintainer is working on all the other features but because of lack of time you may have to wait a bit longer.

I would recommend to use openHAB like stated in the docs:
add tags to items:
scheduling: use time based triggers in rules:
setting up dashboards: use sitemaps

Have fun.

thanks a lot. I appreciate your great advices.

Try to put your wife making the scheduling using rules. She will love it! :grin:

In my prespective, scheduling is a big gap on Openhab, and I think this problem should be resolved ASAP. One end user without programming knowledge cannot automate one simple task “turn on or off one heater at some time”.

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I would not go THAT far …

A simple time cron trigger should be doable also by non programmers :slight_smile:
But your are right, a nice GUI for scheduling would make life easier.

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