Notification bar

Thanks @gersilex for the nice widget.

I imported this to my habpanel yesterday and I am trying to play with it a little bit.
Currently in my house I have temperature sensors in different rooms and what I am trying to do is to show a notification (with label and current temperature value) if the temperature is higher than a certain value.

I have succeeded in the first part (showing notification) but couldn’t be able to show the value.

Note: I tested this on the high temperature (above 27)

my items file:

Group:Switch:OR(ON, OFF) notifications "Notification group"
String  notification_temperature_high           "🌡️ Temperature is high [%s]"         (notifications)     ["glow", "btn-warning"]
Switch  notification_temperature_low            "🌡️ Temperature is low"          (notifications)     ["glow", "btn-info"]

my rule file:

rule "temp notification"
    Item test_room_temp changed
    if (test_room_temp.state > BR2AC_HIGH_TEMP.state)
    else if (test_room_temp.state < BR2AC_LOW_TEMP.state)

If the Item xxx_high is a String type, you need to be posting strings to it, e.g “ON” , myItem.state.toString etc.

A string item isn’t going to control a Switch type Group state, if you were hoping for that.

Hi. glad you like it.

HABPanel only reads the label if items once when loading. Because of this it is not possible to change the content of a label at runtime.

I’m afraid you might have to use labels like “Temperature is over 27 C” or alike.

Thanks guys for your support.
If I found some other workaround, I will share it here