Notification stops Spotify

I noticed that when I get a notification (from a JS rule) from the Android openHAB app while playing Spotify, the music (or podcast) is paused, even though my phone is on ‘do not disturb’.

Even stranger: the music doesn’t resume after the notification sound; I need to manually press play again…

I don’t know which information about my phone or Android might be useful here?

The make/model and Android version are usually good starting points.

Do you mean that the notification still appears even though you’re on DND? Or that you don’t see/hear the notification (due to DND being enabled), but Spotify stops anyway?

By default, DND blocks pretty much any sound/notification, but you can usually set it to ignore some things (alarms, apps, types of sounds). DND also blocks media audio (e.g. Spotify) unless it’s connected to a Bluetooth speaker or wired headphones.

You need to isolate where the problem is by testing various scenarios:

  1. What happens if you send a test notification from (it should be the same result)
  2. What happens if your phone is not on Do Not Disturb?
  3. What happens if you change your Do Not Disturb settings?
  4. What happens if you use or do not use headphones?

Most likely, it’s something specific to your phone.

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I did some more testing, and it isn’t the notification which stops Spotify. It’s a Sonos item: Sonos binding - change playlist stops Spotify on phone.

This didn’t stop Spotify, which made me look in another direction.

But I didn’t know that test message thing existed. Nice find!

Most people don’t learn about it until they have problems with notifications.