Notifications/settings in Android app only visible via sitemap

I have set the “Main UI” as the startpage in the Android app. A view of the (older) notifications or the settings for the app is not visible via the Main UI menu. I can only access these functions when I switch to the sitemap.
Is there a setting that I can change to access these functions (notification and settings) directly via the main UI?

This is one of the current shortcomings of the current implementation :confused:

It requires a larger rework to fix issues like as well.

Thanks for your answer. I can well imagine that the connections are complex and I will wait patiently.

I had another question “Voice input via Android app in the Main UI” are you working on that too or is that outside your focus?


AFAIK no one is working on this. When I find time I will come up with a proposal on how to implement a better version, but that might not happen soon.

The solution for both is probably similar: MainUI needs to detect whether it should should voice input button and notifications (in its side bar) and emit events to the app when either is invoked. This is doable with some custom JS interface.

Another option would be to change the behavior of the “leave Main UI button”. It could open the drawer instead of going back to Sitemaps.

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I Started recently to use MainUI and was looking use it.
But I expierenced that after each change from external network (I use myopenhab) to my home network (and vice versa) I fell back to the “old” sitemaps. Over the sidemenu I can get back to MainUI. I am sure that this procedure cannot be the idea. I am disappointed to read that the OH App is not ready.

When is it ready? Is there a workaround available?
Thank you.