Notifications through myopenhab no longer appearing on iPhone

I started to get back notifications today at 0:46.

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Thank you. Mine started working again after the node process restart. :sunglasses:

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I gave a buffer time of a day but I afraid the problem still persists to me . I confirm notifications are visible inside the iOS app but not arriving as push notifications . It is same behavior as previous days . It used to work for around a day after the restart from last weekend

Same here. I see the notification in the iOS app but no push notification. However, my wife is getting the push notifications on her Android.

I was in the original group, which resumed normal operations after the first process restart a week ago. However, I have once again not received push notifications for a couple of days. I’m not sure if the different processes are competing for a common resource (such that only a subset get access to it), or if there is something that is accelerating the rate of failure, but while it seems a restart of the currently-affected node processes may be effective, that does not result in a permanent or lasting fix.

For my setup the problem remains

I had the same issues. I just rebooted my server that was running openhab and I instantly started getting some notifications. Also, I uninstalled and reinstalled the apps on my iOS before I rebooted my server. Not sure if you did those, but worth a shot.

I am still with the issue even after restarting my local openhab install

I need to add myself as well to the issue, my openhab instance also does not show push notifications my iPhone anymore. The notifications appear in the app and the “send notificaton” webform on also works.
It has to be Apple-specific as my android devices do receive push notifications.

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I do re confirm I am still having the issue and as per the previous post from our colleague seems this issue is extended to more people still

It’s working now for me, I receive push notifications since about one hour again!

Same! Just received an iOS notification a moment ago. Many thanks to the team engaged at this fix!

Mine also started working again at the same time. Hopefully the team have found the underlying cause - will be interested to hear what it turned out to be if so.

I have to join this issue.

Am I the only one who actually does not get notifications? I have the same behaviour the others wrote: notification in myopenhab, but I does not get the push notification on my (any my wife’s) iPhone and iPad. Sending a message from myopenhab to single device works fine.

Since yesterday the problem seems solved! Thanks a lot!