NSPanel Lovelace UI Entities (part 2/5, v0.9)


This is part 2 of a 5-part collection of blockLibraries to use the NSPanel with the Lovelace UI. Check out the online documentation about how to use this library.

The required 5 libraries are:

All installed libraries need to have the same version number!


For some description of the individual blocks of this library have a look in the online documentation.


Version 0.9

  • modified colorwheel. Now returns color instead of position.

Version 0.8

  • fixed various selector issues
  • finally got shutter returnValue right
  • added page reload helper

Version 0.7

  • added option to hide the unit in cardThermo
  • fix for missing timerName, triggered error on direct call of some cards

Version 0.6

  • enhancement: changed returnValue uppercase for cardShutter to be compatible with openHAB shutter item
  • cleanup: moved fullpage Notification to Cards
  • bugfix: context Usage for next Statement was broken in ‘ForceContextForScript’
  • enhancement: modified context handling to prevent usage on non-Card statements (stuck on screensaver)
  • enhancement: added helpers to modify all callback settings on-the-fly

Version 0.5

  • fix for broken refresh timers (since 0.4)
  • improved context usage of ‘start with forced context’-helper

Version 0.4

  • improved multi-hardware-panel usage (not backwards compatible)
  • added feature to start on same page after leaving screensaver
  • added refresh on hardware button press
  • start screensaver if no startup action is given on callback
  • various bugfixes

Version 0.3

  • improved popupPage handling
  • returnValue of Entitiy Selector modification
  • added support for OpenWeatherMap Icons

Version 0.2

  • added documentation
  • initial realease

Version 0.1

  • pre-release



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