NULL value on item

Hello everyone,

I’m running OH3 icw Velbus… I’m trying to make an items file for my thermostats (to make it a bit “easier” to create multiple links for each thermostat)… while creating the items through the GUI seems to work, the items file returns a linked item with a NULL value…

the strange thing is, that the item created in the file shows up under the right channel so the link should be there… the below image shows the Channel Family Room CH9 (the current temperature) with underneath the “items file based entry” and underneath the GUI based entry

But the value stays NULL - changing the channel in the items file removes the item under the channel and obviously still provides no value. The GUI added item does show a value so the channel does return data…

This is the line item in my items file:

Number:Temperature Family_CurrentTemperature 		"Family Current Temperature [%.1f °C]" 		<heating>	( Family_Thermostat )	{ channel="velbus:vmbgp4-2:961ea6934d:17:input#CH9",alexa="TemperatureSensor.temperature" } // This is either CH9 or CH33

Sorry I missed this post.

Did you find a solution / cause?