NxPanel - Replacement Firmware for Sonoff NSPanel

Oh, ok. It’s been a while since someone asked, so:
@m-home, can you please share the HMI file?

Thanks for the reply.

How to send the different icon for onoff if state changes? Icons can work for button as there is no state.

I m still playing with it. Actually trying to configure using node red so that I have to write less code and can link pages easily. Do time based updates etc. But it is far from complete.

How can i change the Sleep Time of Display? Dimming works with “{“dim”: {“low”:n, “normal”:n}}”


Try this message

timeout~15 - timeout after 15 seconds

timeout~0 - disable

Command like {“dim”: {“low”:10, “normal”:80, “timeout”:45}} does not work, only “low” and “normal” are set.

Continued Development

Here we go again!! :slight_smile:

Hi, I going to spend some time moving this forward now. Updated the berry script for the fix of str as a reserved word in recent versions of berry, so that has been released.

Next I will try and clear up any bugs that have been found or significant issues that cropped up since last I worked on this.

Then I’ll look at adding some new things people might have thought of.

Initially, can you post any known bugs in replies to this post and I’ll consolidate them in this post?


Current bugs needing fixed;

  1. Awaiting first bug
  2. Add option to set sleep timeout via command
  3. Add support for variable range in thermostat control



I’ll add that option “timeout”:n

Many thanks Mike.
I have change newest nxpanel.be from ns-flash/berry, on startup I see on Display “Requires Berry 1.1.3” with beep code, what is wrong?

There is a news version of nxpanel too, you are using the older one. the new one looks for 1.1.4

if you have auto testing update enable in the config, it should have picked it automatically

but you can make by typing
in the tas console

Anyone else then me that have issues with characters like å ä ö?

Unfortunatly Swedish words like Kök (Kitchen) and Sovrum (Bedroom) uses these letter :slight_smile:

This is the character set which is build into the hmi for nxpanel;

The ones you want seem to there, so I’m guessing it’s an encoding issue. it’s probably trying to send those in unicode or something

I think you’d need to ensure that the correct asci char was sent in 1 byte not the unicode char.

If i get time I’ll have a look, unless someone else already knows

Hi @m-home, would appreciate if you could post some examples for how use of the alarm panel, either a script example or the jsons to be sent.

Hi @m-home
It seems that the range of the temperature in the HOME_THERMOSTAT screen is currently set to 0-30, but I want to use it for water heating tank which has different heating range of 20-70 degrees Celsius
Is it possible to change the minimum and maximum temperature in the UI ?

@Alf, I’m not sure what you need.

The process is, you press number on the panel, then any of the action keys on the left. When you press an action key, the NxPanel will send the code and the action key out, such as;

21:03:33.845 MQT: tele/nspanel/RESULT = {"alarm":{"code":"123456","type":1}}

Type 1, refers to the first action key, marked ON.

The script you would need would just be a simple to check the code against sone stored value you have and then turn some switch on.

Is this what you were asking?

@dolphinBoiler , I’m not 100% sure how hardcodes those values are. I’ll have a look and see if the range can be specified is the refresh event.

I’ve added to the list here;

Hi Mike, do you have any examples of how to configure the media player screens? I’m using this in conjunction with MPD. I have managed to get the Current playing info. displayed but I’m struggling with how to get the playlists screen working.

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And one other thing - is it possible to make the Main Panel, i.e. the swipe right from home one a different layout? Maybe I’m being stupid but I can’t see where it’s set to 8 buttons and how to change it to a different layout. I would like to use the 8 button layout for a different page but obviously there are performance issues if you do that and there is another 8 button page.


Yes, maybe I just needed to experiment a bit more, so will do that and add a sample setup in my docs, keep U posted if questions arise :blush:

I have NxPanel running for several months now and I am extremely happy with it. I am so happy that I am reluctant to upgrade the software and break everything. I have the current version:

Tasmota 11.0.0 by Theo Arends

When I run the AutoFlash command using the console, I got this info:

11:45:00.516 NXP: Update check for ‘release’
11:45:01.535 NXP: Current version 1.0.7 is latest

@m-home said that the latest version is 1.1.4. What should I do to get the latest version without breaking everything ?

If it’s all working, just leave it for now. there’s nothing major in it. It’s really just the fix for tasmota 12, which seemed t break the ‘str’ being used int he berry script.

If you want to update, easier way is;

  1. copy the latest berry script to the device using the berry console
  2. reboot
  3. in the tas console, type installnxpanel

Because this is a berry upgrade, not just an nxpanel one, it’s a little more manual. Both need to be in sync. nxpanel 1.0.8 required berry 1.1.4. if you just update berry, or just nxpanel. it will complain until both are in sync. berry never really changes, so the normal update in even simplier.

you’ll need to dot this update at some point tho to go beyond tas 11.