NZ users of openHAB?

(Sasha) #21

I’m pretty sure someone shared it here in the forum. I can upload somewhere if you want.
Actually I was thinking to slowly change the icons to svg and add a bit more colour :wink:
Something like this maybe:

I’m controlling Fujitsu with iTach IP to IR. Works well. But really missing a feedback

(Tommy Sharp) #22

Hey guys/gals… Anyone based in Auckland (south)?
I’m interested in the idea of a Meetup of sorts…

(Sasha) #23

I’m in Auckland (East).
Would be great to chat I’m real :slight_smile:

(Paul Miller) #24

As we are all scattered around the country perhaps a virtual skype meet where we could actuall talk, and also if needed present screens to provide information etc.
That could work, what do you think?
If so we can exchange skype names by PM.

(Paul Miller) #25

I have just taken the plunge and ordered a Sensibo Sky after reading about it on this thread
( Thanks @Jeremy_scott )



(Sasha) #26

Can you control other IR devices with it? Can it “learn” the code?
iTach is cheaper (amazon) and I would still prefer it, but Sensibo looks so much nicer :wink:

(Paul Miller) #27

Awaiting delivery of the sensibo, used tradme in the end with a Buy Now of 172 bucks so not cheap. I will advise of mu thoughts once I have it setup.
I currently use harmony hub to control my LG TV (non smart) and Nvidia Shield, it was not my smartest buy :frowning:The software is particularly poor, the HW seems fine. The lack of a API that is official supported makes it difficult to ghet developers to work with it in a reliable way.

I had way too many issues with the Openhab binding for it and settled on calling a bash scrtipt that uses a python script to initiate dvices and scenes/activities. I am a cord cutter so tyhe use of TV channels and favourites is capability I simply have no need. I know there are other solutions out there but I thought at the time that getting a large brand name would count for something unfortunately as I said I feel I was wrong this time.

I am considering getting a google home mini as I have become more frustrated with Amazons customer policy around regional discrimination, first comes the US then the UK then perhaps others. this is having a problem for my in many ways and I have provided feedback on this practise to them, I currently think I need to investigate moving to a different platform and I really do not want the apply one even though I have an iPhone and an iPad (for accessibility reasons) I am not a fan.

I work in engineering so I tend to see things quite black and white once I have assessed.

I am also on the hunk for a simple retrofit curtain opening solution that can be moved with us when we move too. Any thoughts?

Anyone is interested the Nvidia Shield was a great buy for a TV set top box, I do not use its remote gaming capability although I did set it up and try it out.



(Sasha) #28

I’m a fan of Mi Home, but not sure that you can easily retrofit the motors.
This one for example

I’ve been thinking about Amazon’s Fire TV. I’ve also got OSMC on Pi3 and Plex.
I’ve got 4 echo’s around the house and I love them so far. Great for multiroom audio.
Also with the latest binding, I can monitor echos and start my av amp and connect via bluetooth instead of using the built-in speaker.
I’m the android fan (but MacOS on the computers and laptops) but not sure that Google Assistant is better so far.
Is there an easy way of controlling the Nvidia form OH?

(Paul Miller) #29

I use Kodi (which is what I understand is used by OSMC), Netflix, and Plex on my Shield.
Using shell scripts to control harmony I am able to start each of those applications and drop the user at the media selection screens having selected accountys and such like; and it can also exit them back to the home screen and close down shield and the TV when the user hasd finished.

Plex control is handed over to Alexa using the plex skill, unfortunately there is currently no Netflix or Kodi integration with OH2 or Alexa that I am a ware of at this time.

Using Amazons Fire TV would improve the integration with Echo devices but not sure that I want to go there as the main issue I have found over the years is that the lifespan for a settop android device has been around 2 years before it really cannot cope with the latest and greatest. Whereas the Shield is so over powered it has no issues from a CPU/GPU perspective and the OS it keeps getting official updates no problem even adding the Google HA to it for free last year.


(Matthew) #30

What type of OSB Gate Control do you use?

(Sasha) #31

OSB is the name of the company that I’ve worked for.
And there is a Wemos relay triggering the gate.
Nothing special :slight_smile:

(Matthew) #32

Ahh I had a feeling it was the company OSB’s gate! :slight_smile:

(Paul Hansen) #33

I’m in Wellington too. I’m primarily using OH as a monitoring service and non critical security system.

One of my coworkers set up his whole home with Control4 which was interesting to talk to him about. I work as an Architect in town so understanding system integration is becoming more important as more people discuss it with us.

(Paul Miller) #34

Bit of an update on how I am progressing with my Sensibo Sky unit I purchased.

The setup was really easy, and I have added the items and rules also to openhab. I have also added the Sensibo Alexa skill.
I have a support issue unfortunately which is suspected by the support team to be a problem with the my version of hardware so they will be replacing it when the new version is available in around a month. Essentially the Sensibo unit keeps timing out and falling off the WIFI.

I also think when this is corrected I may have a secondary issue with it not sending the ‘poweron’ command to the A/C correctly but rather difficult to sort when the unit disappears frequently.

The support is as all have suggested - Excellent.

(Sasha) #35

Paul, thanks for the update!

Couple of questions:
Does Sesnibo include a database of the supported units? And can you tech it with original remote?
If you press a button on the remote will it read it and change the status of the item in OH? Missing two way comm with IR.

On a different subject, with the Air Quality binding, it keeps dropping off for me.
I found a suggestion to include less digits in the coordinates, that fixes the issue till the next refresh of the items. Is there a solution for that?


(Paul Miller) #36

Does Sensibo include a database of the supported units?

Not from what I can understand, there is an on-line database which the device accesses when you configure your A/C or heat pump… There is also a compatibility list of supported Air cons and devices on the Sensibo site that can be checked prior to purchase. However if they do not have yours then it seems its best to ask as they will add devices fast if they are compatible.

can you tech it with original remote?

No, this device has one function in life and it is to work simply and well with air conditiors and heatpumps. The ‘Teaching’ is simply aiming your existing remote at the unit and pressing the power button, from that it determines the make and model of your air conditioner and sets it all up in the android or IOS app.
Takes but a moment.

The devices I am aware of for generic playback of IR commands are Logitect Harmony (which I have loath) yes that is a strong word. The iTech IP to IR which I have no experience of at all, and the BroadLink device which I understand is quite good but never had one so cannot comment.

If you press a button on the remote will it read it and change the status of the item in OH?

If I use the A/C remote then I as long as the Sensibo unit is placed correctly it will also receive the IR command and will feed that change back to the mobile app, I must confess I have not yet checked to see if the OH2 data gets updated as well, with current timeout issue experience I have stopped my investigations until its reliable on the network.

I found a suggestion to include less digits in the coordinates

The air quality is bugging me too, what length did you prune the coordinates to in order to workaround the current issue?

Has anyone done any work on integrating Genesis Energypower data to the OH2 or even simply iframes to the BasicUI sitemap would be a start?



The sensibo sky video on youtube is really useful to get a handle on what it does and hoow to set it up

(Sasha) #37

I left only two digits after the dot. But it really works till the next update of the values (60mins)
Something is really wrong with the binding or with the API

Thanks for the detailed explanation :slight_smile: cool little device

(Sasha) #38

BTW where did you get the shield? Amazon and NZ Post?
How do you like it?

I’ve just got Amazon Fire TV and I hate it, full of unuseful ads and staff that I cannot watch, being in NZ
I only really need Plex with hdmi audio passthrough and netflix

(This topic is going to be a mess after all, sorry :wink: )

(Tommy Sharp) #39

I got my shield from Amazon shipped directly to NZ. I was amazed took like 3 days to arrive.

(Sasha) #40

Oh great. Had enough of FireTV, ordered a Shield :wink:
Hope it will be as good as everyone says.