Octopus Agile pricing binding

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Hi all,

Just been searching to see whether there is already a binding to get the current and future prices of electricity on the Octopus Agile tariff in the UK. The price of power is different every half hour (sometimes you even get paid to use electricity). I’d love a binding that grabbed the data as it would make it possible to write rules to run appliances when the price is lowest or pause appliances when it goes over a certain threshold.

At this stage, I’m wondering if anyone else has this tariff and whether others would be interested in such a binding?

I imagine that there are/will be many electricity suppliers that offer this so perhaps it exists and if it was created should be generic so other providers can be used.


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I’ve just swapped to Octopus on the recommendations of a friend, with the view to considering their Agile tariff.

I’d be interested in something that showed the rate.