Official Alexa Smart Home Skill for openHAB 2

Yes, I guess the Binding isn’t working for the 2.4.0 Openhabian image.
I’ve been updating it two hours ago, since then they stopped working

If you click on the thing in the paperUI it will often have a message next to the status of why its not online, also check to make sure the binding that controls it is actually installed, maybe it did not automatically update.

Thanks for the answer, yeah you are right, Binding wasn’t installed after the update, but that sadly wasnt the problem.
I don’t have a message why its not online, the only thing openHAB is telling me is this:

Did you re-install the binding? That message is telling you the bridge thing (parent) is not initialized, which would seem to mean its binding is not installed.

Yes I did.
I’ve just deinstalled and reinstalled the Binding and now it works.
OpenHAB just didnt connect to the Binding or something like that.
Anyway thank you :slight_smile:

I downgraded successfully. Still the items are not discovered and I can see an issue looking at the cloudwatch logs for the lambda function. I appreciate your work a lot getting the skill up to v3 :blush:

This bug has already been reported and should be released in one of the upcoming 2.4 snapshots. Usually ESH core updates don’t get propagated right away.

As far as getting metadata to work, you should use the official 2.3 release version until then.

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Allright, thank you guys :slight_smile:

I am receiving the following error for your information:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘namespace’ of undefined at exports.handler (/var/task/index.js:21:25)

If this is the v3 version? I’m not sure what that error is, but it sounds like a configuration issue. V3 is still a development version and not fully vetted.

:roll_eyes: when i cloned the repository i didn’t specify the v3 branch… it’s working now :slight_smile:

I have a problem with getting Alexa to tell me the Current Temperature from my thermostat when using the new Units of Measurement

it is working perfect when the item has the type Number but as soon as i switch the type to Number:Temperature or Number:Dimensionles Alexa is replying that the thermostat is not reacting at the moment

is there a setting I missed to active so the Skill can work with Units of Measurement?

I’m running openHAB 2.3.0-1 (Release Build)

Installed OH2.3 this weekend and try to figure out new potentials. v3 item mapping seems to be definitely something very interesting. Never the less, so far I am not clear how to define same voice commands for Siri and Alexa using v3.

My understanding of v2 is that it allows one configuration for Siri and Homekit, having same commands defined for Siri and Alexa at the same time. How does this work with v3, or better “define same commands for Siri and Alexa, even if I would to have to configure them twice”?

My assumption is that I still need v2 definitions for Homekit while I could define others via v3 specifically for Alexa. Since the skill still does interpret v2, does this lead to double configuration for Alexa?

Would it help to have the v2 mapping functionality be configurable and just switch it off? This would allow to have same commands defined for Siri (homekit, v2) and Alexa (v3).

Thanks for some help on this

@mueslee if you are referring to the current official skill (v2), from looking at the code, I can see that it is not supported. It is expecting a bare number.

@Falk If you are referring to metadata vs tags, the current v3 implementation ignores tag configuration if Alexa metadata configuration is set for a given item. So in that case, the tag configuration will only be used for Homekit while metadata for Alexa.

Anyway, my understanding is that all OH voice assistant integrations will shift to use metadata over tags. This means you will be able to configure each integration separately.

Dimmer dimmerLight "Dimmer Light" {alexa=Lighting [param=1,...], homekit=Lighting [param=2,...], ...}

@digitaldan, @beowulfe, @MARZIMA: I didn’t follow the Alexa v3 changes in detail, but imho it would be really a shame if we ended up in a situation like @jeshab describes it as we would lose a lot of potential with that. openHAB can stand out from vendor-specific solutions by the fact that it can “easily” support those different technologies at the same time.

And the tags always were and are still meant to bring the required context/knowledge to the system - they are even partially provided by bindings, so that it means “zero-conf” for the user in such cases.

Note that we are close to creating a much more extensive tag library in ESH very soon - and I plan to work with @ysc over the next weeks to bring HABot (another “assistant”, which will heavily rely on tags) to the openHAB project.

I’d therefore very much think that all those assistants should consider existing tags, if nothing else is specified. My assumption is that this should already cover 80% of the easier use cases (something is switchable, a light or a target temperature). Addon-specific metadata should really only be used for special cases, where an assistant requires its own more complex data model, configuration or whatever. Wouldn’t you agree?

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where can i see which version of the skill i’m using?
And shouldn’t be Number:Dimensless a bare number?

@mueslee If you are using the official skill from the Alexa store, it is v2. The v3 version is still in the early stage development at the moment and I am sure it will support the QuantityType items when completed.

As far as Number:Dimensionless, my understanding is that any QuantityType are defined with a unit and therefore cannot be considered as a bare number. The difference between Number:Dimensionless and the other ones is that the unit on the former is abstract which doesn’t give the ability to do unit conversions.

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@jeshab thank you for your explanation, makes sense that there is an abstract united and not as i thought just no unit at all

also i’m running the v2 from the Alexa store, so all i have to do is to stick to the number type, no big deal :slight_smile:

I am not sure if its an Echo limitation or the binding I am using. For shutter control it seems I have only two options, either 0% or 100%. Stop, open, close , up, down do not work. Is the limitation becasue of the ‘switchable’ tag I have to use for shutters? I am using the BTicino BUS binding by Massimo.