Official Google Assistant Integration for openHAB

I also have some “ghost” items, that is not taged in my items file. To be spescific two items named “color” and two items called “brightness”. After some investigation i found out they are linked with my two xiaomi mi gateways from the xiaomi mi smart home binding. Any suggestions on how they can be removed would be greatly appriciated.

Use the rest-api: DELETE /items/{itemname}/tags/{tag}

Thank you @aart . I was able to find out my thermostat group didn’t have a label.

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Hi is there already a way to control volumes (dimmer items)? I know there is the [“Lighting”] tag but this requires a specific wording for light i suppose.

Same question for contact items: Can i ask for the the state of a window? What tag must be used?


In answer to your first question I think the answer is you need to use a Dimmer Item and the Lighting tag.

The answer to your seconds question is no, I don’t think you can ask for the state of Contact items. But you should be able to use a Switch Item with the “Switchable” tag and ask Google Assistant whether the Switch is ON or OFF.

i am trying to unlink openhab from google assistant.I unlink the account allright from assistant’s settings but when i try to sync my other services i get this : “OK,syncing devices for MiHome,Harmony,and Nest.An error occurred while syncing openHAB.”
I dont have an Openhab account connected and i get this?Anyone know whats going on?

It ought not to do that… but it may still see that there is an application remaining that was granted access. Log into your account. Hover over your User ID (upper right) and click on ‘Applications’. Delete any instances of ‘Google Voice Assistant Control’.


There is a bug in the heatcool mode. The status heatcool is take correctly but the targettemperature is not taken by google home, target temperature is 0 in Google Home app.
For modes heat and cool the target temperature is captured correctly.

see screenshots

@MARZIMA any idea? See my question above.

Let me clarify this for you.
The integration between Google Assistant and OpenHAB is a true Smart-Home integration. Google provides a couple of formats for devices eg: lights, thermostats. Each device has 1 or more traits eg: target temperature, current temperature. All specified by Google.

Thew only thing OpenHAB does is exposing devices to Google.
All the logic, voice to text, interpretation etc is done by Google.
When you say: “Hey Google, turn lights on” Google makes a decision to turn on some lights.
The command received by OpenHAB is nothing more than: “light 1: ON, light 2: ON, light 3: ON”.
If you have roller shutters/curtains exposed as light, you would have a weird behavior when you turn all lights off, because Google doesn’t know that some light is not a light but a roller shutter.

Back to your question: Is there any way to have more control in case of the commands “turn on/off all lights?”
For OpenHAB, No.
In the Google Home app, you can make some custom routines to overwrite some default behavior.
If you make a custom routine with the voice command “turn lights on” you can specify which actions should be taken.


That is what I was afraid of.
I was using custom routines as a workaround but keep finding different commands that also close all lights. I guess I could maybe proxy the items and check if many of them get switched in quick succession but that would add a delay and the calls may not always come as quick.

The roller shutter was on the Google roadmap for 2018, but it is still not implemented.

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Routines have not been rolled out to all contries yet. In Danish there is no routines yet, and I guess it´s the same for scandianvia as well.

Also in dutch there are no routines yet.
If you want to use them, you need to change your device to English for now.
Wait for an update to enable routines in your language.

You can also make a switchable item that triggers an OpenHAB rule.
You can turn that ON and OFF via Google Assistant.

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Any was able to have the mode working in the thermostats?

I have this Items

Group  g_FF_LivingRoom_Termostat "AC" [ "Thermostat", "Celsius" ]
String FF_LivingRoom_Mode        "AC Mode" (g_FF_LivingRoom_Termostat) [ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ]
Number FF_LivingRoom_Temp	     "AC Temperature" (g_FF_LivingRoom_Termostat) [ "CurrentTemperature" ]
Number FF_LivingRoom_Setpoint    "AC Setpoint" (g_FF_LivingRoom_Termostat) [ "TargetTemperature" ]

If I set mode and temperature from openhab, it updates in the Home app of the google home, I can see the mode changing and the temperatura updating. From the Google Assistant to Openhab, I can set the temperature, but not the mode.

Thank You

Changing the mode form Google Assistant is not yet supported. There is already a fix, but it needs to be deployed.

Ok :slight_smile: thank you @aart

When this gets online where is the best place to see the current supported tags?

Sorry for the question, but I had much other things to do and I forgot to follow this thread and github as well…
Which tags are currently supported with Google Assistant? Just that ones which is stated in the first post?
Outlet and Scene will be integrated soon? Or there will be other new tags?


Hello, is there any way to detect in rules if the request is cumming from google assistant or from the user clicking in the interface?

Thank you

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Not directly. You can do this with a Proxy Item an Rules. See Approach 3 in Design Pattern: Manual Trigger Detection.