Official Google Assistant Integration for openHAB

There’s been a disruption why it didn’t work yesterday:

I’ll try clearing cache and tmp after work and see how it goes. I haven’t spent too much time looking into potential causes on the OpenHab side of things outside of the tag declarations as I was assuming that since the connection to myOpenHab looked good, it was something between that and Google Home. I wonder if it’s possible something else in the items file that isn’t one of the square bracket tags is breaking things?

Will see what happens after clearing cache/tmp. Thanks again.

It am still wondering. I disconnected OpenHAB from Google Home today and try to connect it again. Te problem is that it won’t connect: the same error like before: there is a problem try again later. Any ideas?

So… nobody else wanted to try the new tags?


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cause it is not rolled out yet. I am testing it first and need time to review and test it first. We had some things to handle out first. So I am trying to deploy it soon.
Please be aware that quick shots can affect all openHAB GA Integration users. So lets not rush it. Still targeting to release it asap.


Not trying to rush anything… I thought it’s already out there…
How would I know when to try the new tags?
Would you post something?

I have another question. In my Google Home I see the two switches that come from the Items I made with OpenHAB. That’s OK and it works most of the time although only with commands in English.

But the question is this one. Last week the two switches where replaced by a light bulb with a on and off option. But I don’t know what I did to reach this stage. Does anyone know?

[“Switchable”] - Google Home Switch
[“Lighting”] - Google Home Lightbulb

I follow the topic from the first day, I apologize if I missed it,

  1. why in the applications in the cloud, authorization twice?

  1. What is the link - Google?
  2. Why is the icon not displayed?

1: you deleted the openhab link in the google home app and then linked again. (The link in myopenhab is not removed when you remove the intergration from the google home app).
2: well, is that not clear at all? Maybe the more correct name is Google Assistant.
3: the icon is not in the right place, so it cant be found by your browser.

Clear! When adding to Google home the first time there was an error of adding, apparently this attempt was reflected here, I will try to just delete the first record.

The meaning of this link is not clear, because it refers to the same page.

Did I do something wrong?

Finally got time to give this a try, but hasn’t helped, still can’t connect OpenHab account to Google Home. I should have noted that I’m in Australia. I can see in some posts that localisation has caused some problems at times. I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps that is contributing. Otherwise I’m completely stumped.

Okay, I’ve made some progress. Deleting item files and re-adding shows my lights item file (which just contains all my Hue item definitions) is preventing the linking. Presumably why the link died last week. Weird thing is nothing has changed in that file for many months and was previously working the Google Home just fine. Will investigate further.

One other oddity I’ve discovered - I have an item called “Color” that gets imported into Google Home even with all my .item files removed. There is also no corresponding entry in myOpenHab or the exposure tags of the OpenHab cloud connector… It wasn’t there when I previously had my link working either. Anyone else seeing this or has a clue what it is? Doesn’t appear to be causing any problems itself, just seems very odd.

So you managed to link to Google Assistant now?

No, I havn´t seen such thing. It shouldn´t be possible if you´re sure all your items are no longer tagged.

I finally solved my problems with Danish by a factory reset of my Google Home device. I found out it was important that the language on the phone was Danish when I set up the Home device. Now the device shows Danish as language when I select the Home device and view the settings. After that Danish commands have worked on the Home and on the phone.

Good to know.

Hi all,

I’ve made a service to check if your item configuration is valid using Google Assistant.
You can found it here.
I’ve tried to catch the most common issue’s.
If you still have trouble to connect Google Assistant to OpenHAB after running this test please contact me.


It would be great if you posted this to a new thread so it will be much easier to find and link to as opposed to posting #628 in this massive and growing thread. :slight_smile:

This is a great idea and I’m sure lots of people will find it useful. Thanks for posting!

I will make a new thread for this test tool.
I’m also looking for implementing tests for Alexa.

In the mean time, feel free to test your item configuration and let me now if there are any issues.