Official Google Assistant Integration for openHAB

But routines still only work in English, correct? Don’t think they are available yet in Dutch for example (my case)

Don’t know about Dutch, but in Italian are available.
If routines are not available in your language you could try with IFTTT, maybe it is available in Dutch, the only downside is a bit more lag

The reason i am asking is that i try to avoid workarounds.


I agree, but if routines are not available in your language I don’t see other options than IFTTT or waiting for updates from google

Edit: ah ok, now I get it: you see routines as a workaround. In this case the only option afaik is waiting for google updates

Add routine with that phrase: “Ok Google Unlock Frontdoor” set turn on/off your doorlock and it works. I use it this way w/o any problem.

Dear all,

could you give me a hint for using thermostates with Google Assistant? I created a thread here:


I just got an idea, i don’t have the homekit binding installed :relaxed::thinking:. Feel so dumb. I tried installing it using paperUI but i cant seem to find it under addons->bindings.

Nevermind its under addons->misc.

Sorry if this was covered before but reading through the all pages didn’t help me

Am I right with the fact that correct GA integration is possibile only if we defined a taggable item with a channel inside?
Tried with a generic switch Item like this

Switch MyTVOnOff “TV” [“Switchable”]

cause items reload by Google Home not working

Is that right?

No, not right.
I´m using proxy items. And GA works just fine.

Sorry, but I don’t figure out how to do it
My thought was to expose a item not channeled to Goggle Home App but perheaps I’m a bit wrong with this

I can’t image the right process, sorry if I ask you a bit of example
This is my scenario

Basically now I have a switch defined in sitemap which reference a switch item and rules is based on it to trigger the shell command

So here my actual scenario:

Sitemap information:

Switch item=TVOnOff label=“Accendi/Spegni TV”

Item information:

Switch TVOnOff

The rule:

Item TVOnOff received update ON
then {…

So how to link with a GA item to shout out the command?

For a proxy switch…


Switch TVOnOff     "Turn TV ON or OFF"    <icon>    [ "Switchable" ] 

Remember to sync your devices.

Now you should be able to see a new Switch “Turn TV ON or OFF”. in the Google Home app.

Go ahead, say the words, “Hey google, Turn TV ON” or “Hey google, Turn TV OFF”.
Look into the Google Home app, and make sure the switch turns on or off.

Remember you add your channels links to your proxy switch. If the switch change but nothing happens, either your rule is wrong, or you havn´t linked you switch to the channel to perform the on/off the TV.

Ok, so my initial question was right, we cannot realize the integration if we have not a “channeled item”, this was my starting point argument, as I have not a real channel link to add to my virtual switch item

Ehh I´m not sure I understand… How would you get any action, if the item isn´t linked to a channel?
What exactly is it you want to do?

As you can see from my configuration files, I have a situation where from the Switch defined in sitemap a rule is triggered to invoke a shell command; a virtual item is also defined
The shell command is:

then {
logInfo(“RULE”, “TV is switched on”)
val String FeedbackScript = executeCommandLine(‘ssh@@osmc@"on@@0"@@|@@/usr/osmc/bin/cec-client@@-s’, 10000)

I guess if I can emulate the command interface via GA driving the Switch
One possibility I guess is perheaps offered by a virtual MQTT channeled item solution?

I don’t understand this either. Kim’s TVOnOff example is exactly an Item without a link to a Channel.

So add the “Switchable” tag to the Switch that triggers your Rule.

That’s the problem I was trying to explein from the beginning
When I add “Switchable” tag to the item used to trigger, a non channeled item, this cause GA to no more reload the itesm and refresh operation failed with error

All I can offer is that I and many many other users have “Switchable” and many other tags applied to Items that do not have Channel. So it should work. Something must be wrong because it does work. I used such an Item through GA just this morning.

["Switchable"] or [ "Switchable" ]?
Note the spaces between the quotation marks and the brackets, and also make sure you have the standard straight quotation marks, not those overly fancy “curly” quotation marks.

Sorry for the long thread posting, removing and newly added the tag to the non channeled item now results in a succesfully operation
So SOLVED, thanks for the support to the comunity people

Every time I run a routine with a custom phrase, Google Home Mini speak aloud “Sorry, i’m not able to connect with OpenHAB device” but executes it successfully.
Why do this happen only with routines?